Building Large IPv6 Access Networks

This webinar is an update session for the Building IPv6 Service Provider Core webinar. It focuses on large-scale IPv6 access networks and describes the mechanisms and configurations needed to support residential and business customers, including individual hosts and auto-configurable low-end CPE devices.

The following deployment scenarios are described in the webinar:

  • Carrier Ethernet networks with L2 or L3 access switches;
  • DSL and other PPPoE/PPP-based environments;
  • Wireless hotspots;
  • IPv6 access over legacy IPv4 network using 6rd;

The webinar materials include tested router configurations for PPPoE-based (DSL or dialup) and Carrier Ethernet access networks.


Target audience

The webinar is ideal for advanced Service Provider and Enterprise designers and implementation engineers. It discusses advanced IPv6 concepts; you are expected to have basic understanding of IPv6 addressing and routing, and access network designs.

Deliver format

The Building Large IPv6 Access Networks is a 2-hour advanced technical presentation. You can register for the on-line delivery of this webinar immediately; we can also organize an on-site event, where this presentation can be used as an introduction to a full-day on-site workshop covering the deployment of IPv6 in your network.

When registering for this session, you’ll get immediate access to the webinar materials and streamed recordings of the Building IPv6 Service Provider Core webinar. Prior to the live session, you’ll also get downloadable recording (in MP4 format) of those parts of the Building IPv6 Service Provider Core webinar that will not be covered in the live WebEx session.

You’ll get a PDF copy of the presentation materials and the instructions you need to join the Webex classroom session a few days before the event, giving you plenty of time to check your workstation environment, study the materials and prepare potential questions.

After the presentation, you’ll receive a recording of the presentation and complete router configurations which you can use in your own lab to test the scenarios discussed in the webinar.


Ivan Pepelnjak (CCIE#1354 Emeritus) has been designing, deploying and troubleshooting large-scale IP-based networks since 1990. He’s the author of highly successful MPLS books published by Cisco press and numerous Service Provider courses now offered by Cisco Systems.

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