IOSHints Live San Jose

NIL Data Communications is organizing the first ever IOSHints Live event with technology blogger and Cisco Press book author Ivan Pepelnjak (CCIE#1354) and network architect, blogger and Packet Pushers Podcast producer Greg Ferro (#CCIE6920) in San Jose, California on September 15th 2010. IOSHints Live is your chance to meet Ivan and Greg, discuss emerging technologies and review typical network designs using them.

The morning session will cover Data Center design and migration from traditional data center toward private and public cloud solutions. Afternoon session will focus on resilient and highly available VPN solutions needed to connect remote sites with the redesigned data center.

The sessions will focus on the design aspects of real-life issues relevant to the session’s participants. It’s highly recommended that you submit a network design you’d like to discuss or challenges you’re facing in your network at least a week before the event; this will ensure that their key components will be discussed during the session.

The highly interactive nature of the event is limiting the audience size; register soon to ensure your seat in the room.


From Data Center to Cloud Computing

Every networking engineer designing a flexible next-generation Data Center is faced with the following challenges usually marketed under the private cloud umbrella.

  • Fast on-demand deployment of new applications
  • Fast response to increased application workload
  • Workload (virtual machine) mobility between data centers
  • Load sharing between geographically-distant always-active data centers

These challenges, as well as the others submitted by the participants, will be discussed in the Data Center to Cloud Computing session.

The participants are expected to have sound understanding of Data Center technology basics; if you’re new to the Data Center landscape, it’s recommended that you also attend the Data Center 3.0 for Networking Engineers webinar.

Advanced VPN Solutions

Technology offers an astounding array of VPN options, from those offered by Service Providers (MPLS/VPN, pseudowires, EoMPLS, VPLS) to those built by the end-users (GRE tunnels, IPSec, DMVPN, GETVPN, SSL VPN). Selecting the optimum solution that meets business requirements (including fast convergence, high availability, scalability, isolation and resilience) is thus harder than ever.

This session will help you design your VPN network and select the best mix of VPN services and technologies to meets your needs and budget requirements.

Some of the topics covered in this session include:

  • Improving the convergence of MPLS/VPN-based solutions
  • Scalable DMVPN solutions
  • Building private MPLS/VPN networks across a public VPN solution

The participants are expected to have intermediate-level (CCNP or equivalent) understanding of IP routing and VPN technologies; attending Choose the Optimal VPN Service and DMVPN: Advanced and Crazy Scenarios is highly recommended.


Ivan Pepelnjak (CCIE#1354), has been designing, installing, troubleshooting, and operating large service provider and enterprise WAN and LAN networks since 1990 and is currently chief technology advisor at NIL Data Communications, focusing on advanced IP-based networks and web technologies.

More about Ivan at; you can follow him on Twitter, read his blog, his books or numerous articles he’s writing for SearchTelecom and IP Corner.

Greg Ferro (CCIE#6920) is a Network and Security Architect / Designer / Engineer working freelance in the UK and worked for Resellers, DotCom's, Large Corporate's and Service Providers across a variety of products & vendors. He prefers to work for end users, believes in the life cycle, total cost of ownership and that near enough is often good enough. He likes talking about himself in the first person to feel "royal", even when hosting the Packet Pushers Podcast on Data Networking.

More about Greg at and you can follow him on Twitter.