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IPv6 Webinars Roadmap

IPv6-Only Data CentersIPv6 High Availability StrategiesIPv6 Transition MechanismsIPv6 SecurityBuilding Large IPv6 Service Provider NetworksEnterprise IPv6 - the First StepsService Provider IPv6 Introduction


Short webinar descriptions

Enterprise IPv6 – the First Steps: A broad overview of unavoidable migration to IPv6, the challenges you’ll encounter during network redesign and IPv6 deployment and the first steps you should take to make your web content available to IPv6 visitors.

Best introductory entry point for enterprise engineers not familiar with IPv6.

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Service Provider IPv6 Introduction: The ideal starting point for service provider engineers facing introduction of IPv6-based services. This webinar describes the differences between IPv4 and IPv6, core and access network design options, transition scenarios and typical IPv6 rollouts.

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Building Large IPv6 Networks: all you need to know about designing and configuring large-scale IPv6 core or access networks. Covers dual-stack deployment, 6PE and 6VPE options and all major routing protocols (BGP, OSPFv2/v3, IS-IS). Access network section describes SLAAC, DHCPv6 and RADIUS issues you’ll likely encounter when deploying IPv6.

While this advanced webinar has a clear service provider focus, it’s also highly advisable to enterprise engineers deploying large IPv6 networks. Baseline knowledge of IPv6 addressing and routing is a prerequisite.

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IPv6 Security: This webinar describes the major IPv6 security challenges, the countermeasures you can take, and Cisco IOS features that can help you build secure IPv6 infrastructure.

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IPv6 High Availability Strategies: IPv6 high-availability mechanisms and design guidelines, including first-hop technologies, client and server multihoming (including LISP and MIPv6) and dual-stack considerations.

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IPv6 Transition Mechanisms: A comprehensive overview of numerous transition mechanisms, including IPv6 rapid deployment (6over4, 6to4, 6rd), IPv4 residual deployment (DS-Lite, MAP-E) and access of IPv6-only clients to IPv4-only content (NAT64, SLB64).

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IPv6-Only Data Centers: An alternate approach to data center IPv6 deployment: an IPv6-only data center and network core with the only IPv4 component being NAT46 translation boxes at the network edge.

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