Workgroup subscriptions

Workgroup subscription makes it easy for you and your workgroup to have anytime, anywhere access to our digital library packed with useful up-to-date information that will help you learn critical new skills, design better networks, improve productivity, and stay abreast of developing technologies.

Getting access to the workgroup subscription is extremely easy – the members of your workgroup will enroll themselves (using a URL you’ll provide them) and you’ll confirm their membership through your administrator account. You’ll also be able to block users that have left your organization, and add new users that have replaced them (up to 30% of the workgroup size). The workgroup subscription is priced based on the number of users:

Number of users Price per user
1 – 4 $299
5 – 9 $255
10 – 14 $240
15 – 19 $225
20 – 24 $217.50
25 – 39 $210
40+ $195