Docker Networking Fundamentals

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Are you worried about the impact of containers and Docker on your data center network? Wondering how you'll connect the Docker hosts with thousands of container instances to your data center fabric? Trying to understand the obscurities of Docker's default networking model? You'll get answers to all these questions in the Docker Networking Fundamentals webinar.

This free webinar presented by Dinesh Dutt, Chief Scientist at Cumulus Networks, addresses these topics:

  • Networking requirements of Linux containers and Linux network namespaces;
  • Simple container networking with virtual bridges;
  • Default Docker networking model using NAT between the internal bridge and the physical network;
  • Overlay virtual networking in Docker;
  • Macvlan and Ipvlan Linux interface and the benefits of using them with Docker.


This webinar is part of Containers and Docker roadmap and accessible with free or standard subscription

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About the Author

Dinesh DuttDinesh Dutt has been in the networking industry for the past 20 years, most of it at Cisco Systems. Most recently, he was the Chief Scientist at Cumulus Networks, working on simplifying configuration and operations with inventions such as BGP Unnumbered and NetQ. Before Cumulus, he was a Fellow at Cisco Systems. He has been involved in enterprise and data center networking technologies, including the design of many of the ASICs that powered Cisco's mega-switches such as Cat6K and the Nexus family of switches. He also has experience in storage networking from his days at Andiamo Systems and in the design of FCoE. He is a co-author of TRILL and VxLAN and has filed for over 40 patents.

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About the webinar

An in-depth and technical discussion of Docket networking.
The audience involvement was amazing.
Great topic, as this information is otherwise hard to come by.

Saumya Hegde
I appreciate Ivan involvement, especially the questions he asked (and of course the answers).
Bogdan Golab
I would like to see more sessions related to devops type of technologies and tooling, docker, kubernetes, mesos, hashicorp tools, etc.
Zenko Turek
Covers the breadth and depth of Docker networking fundamentals. I look forward future seminars.
Douglas Sensenig
The presenter was very clear and precise. The lack of fluff made it worthwhile.
Excellent webinar to begin with docker network.
Joaquim Soares
Excellent session and valuable for anyone interested in learning about container networking.
Umar Saeed
Good overview/intro to the elements behind Docker networking. You probably know the pieces already and you'll learn how Docker glued them together.
Leonid Khedyk
This webinar explains linux networking from Network engineers point of view which makes this webinar easy to understand and easy to map docker network concepts to network engineers's terms. Ivan and Dinesh takes great care of explaining all concept of linux and docker networking. I highly recommend IPspace webinars to all Network engineers.
Krunal Shah
Go back to school and learn Linux!
Dick Willson
Excellent introduction and overview on the current state of container networking. Highly recommended.
Ben Fellows
Very good introduction and start of a deep dive into Docker. I had zero knowledge of Docker prior and now I am least know the fundamentals. Well worth the time.
Jeff West
A good start to containers world
Good webinar but I would add some examples/demo.
Francois Daigle

About the instructor

The instructor was very knowledgeable and provided very clear presentation. well done.
Zenko Turek

About the materials

Great topic, as this information is otherwise hard to come by.
Saumya Hegde
I'm badly missing diagrams to better visualize how the components are connected.
I know that Docker evolves fast but the material is 3-4 month outdated. Still it provides good baseline for understanding of container networking.
Leonid Khedyk
Course material is very well written to make you understand all topics covered in this webinar.
Krunal Shah
The are many networking professionals that need to learn enough of Linux to support the "new" networking paradigm. We need a "new" network op to complement the Linux op. There is a tendency to assume that all you require is DevOp and that is not true.
Dick Willson
Excellent content and well explained.
Neeraj Sharma

Target Audience

Regardless of whether you’re a network engineer faced with imminent Docker deployment, or someone considering the evolution of your data center fabric in the upcoming years, you will have to understand Docker networking sooner or later, and this webinar is a perfect starting point.