Select appreciation of Ivan’s presentations

Past presentations

The rest of this page contains links to Ivan's recent conference/event presentations and related video recording (where made available by the organizers). You can also find the list of Ivan's public presentations here; some of them were later converted into webinars or free video content.


Cloud Networking

Data Center Networking


Network Automation and Software Defined Networking

Software Defined Data Centers

  • DIGS, Introduction to SDDC and VMware NSX, workshop, Zurich, April 19th 2018
  • Automating Network Security, Troopers 15, March 2015
  • Software-Defined Data Center workshop - November 27th 2015 in Rome, Italy
  • Designing the Virtual Networks for Software-Defined Data Centers, Interop Las Vegas (March 2014) and Interop New York (September 2014)