Useful Network Automation Tools

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List of useful network automation tools found on the 'net:

  • Network configuration auditing by Patrick Ogenstad
  • Batfish, an open source network configuration analysis tool
  • eNMS: a vendor-agnostic NMS for graphical network automation
  • FreeZTP server: zero-touch provisioning server for Catalyst switches
  • Hierarchical configuration library... and how to use it
  • Yangify: a framework that maps unstructured data into YANG data models
  • Rosetta: the missing link between network device CLI and YANG data models
  • Dolt: a relational database with Git-like cell-level version control
  • NetPalm: REST API interface to your dusty old network devices (using NAPALM and TextFSM as the back-end)

Ansible and Jinja2 tools:

Inventory tools:

  • motherstarter: convert Excel, CSV, or JSON files into Ansible, Nornir, or pyATS inventories

Regular expression and parsing tools:

Building web user interface:

Other interesting tools:

For an even wider list of network automation resources, check out the Awesome Network Automation repository.