Enterprise IPv6 Deployment Workshop

Are you managing a large enterprise network? Do you already have an IPv6 migration strategy … or do you think you don’t need one because you’re using private IPv4 addresses internally? If you live in IPv6 denial, you might be forced to play a furious catch-up in a few years.

In this workshop, Ivan Pepelnjak describes the phases of public IPv6 deployment, their impact on enterprise networks and the action plan you should follow to achieve a seamless transition to IPv6 world.


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You can view the slides of the 30-minute presentation on slideshare.net.

Delivery format

The Enterprise IPv6 Deployment is a 30-minute strategic presentation or a 2-hour in-depth presentation, which can be used as an introduction to a full-day on-site workshop covering the deployment of IPv6 in your network. The presentation can also be incorporated into a wider IPv6-focused event.

Prerequisite knowledge

The Enterprise IPv6 Deployment Workshop discusses high-level issues you have to understand to plan the IPv6 deployment in your network. In-depth technical details are mentioned during the existing equipment limitations sections, so you’ll benefit most if you have prior IPv6 knowledge. IPv6 technology details (addressing, routing), equipment configuration or specific software/hardware issues are not covered by this workshop.

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About the author

Ivan Pepelnjak (CCIE#1354 Emeritus) has been designing, deploying and troubleshooting large-scale IP-based networks since 1990. He’s the author of highly successful MPLS books published by Cisco press and numerous Service Provider courses now offered by Cisco Systems.

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