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Webinars, workshops and consulting

If you’d like to have a second opinion on your network design or engage me in a professional services project, check my ExpertExpress service and get in touch with me (I'm also available for longer engagements).

If you're interested in my workshops or webinars and would like to discuss their content, pricing or scheduling, just send me an e-mail. In all other cases, please read the following paragraphs first.

Other technical questions

My opinions are mine. is my personal blog/web site. I try to help anyone aiming to gain in-depth knowledge of advanced networking technologies or Cisco IOS-related implementations, but I’m not sponsored by Cisco or any other of the equipment/software vendors mentioned in my webinars, articles or posts.

Be fair. Please keep in mind that I write for my blog and answer your questions entirely in my spare time, so don't send me lengthy questions and don't expect me to analyze your router configurations. If you’re seeking detailed help in designing or implementing your network, you should buy commercial services, not rely on uncle Google or the good will of bloggers and forum visitors on the Internet.

Have I mentioned that I'm available for short-term consulting engagements? Check out my ExpertExpress service and let me know what you need; if I'm not able to help you, I'll do my best to get you in touch with NIL’s professional services team.

Send me the interesting bits. If you have an interesting technical question, have made an unusual observation in your network or have a good story you think I should write about, don’t hesitate a second: send me a message. If you have a question that you feel is relevant to a larger audience, asking it in the NIL forums might be a better option, as other visitors will benefit from our discussions.

Last but not least, there are situations where you might get more qualified help elsewhere:

  • If you have a network-down situation, you should stop googling and contact your supplier’s or vendor’s technical assistance center immediately.
  • If you need troubleshooting assistance, contact your vendor/supplier. NIL can also help you with remote assistance services offered within the Advanced Technical Support framework. NIL Monitor service offers long-term proactive monitoring and assistance.
  • If you need professional design or implementation help, I highly recommend NIL's consulting or Network Design and Redesign professional services.