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ExpertExpress™ service is the quickest and most cost-effective way to get a second opinion, design review, implementation help or technology guidance from Ivan Pepelnjak, the author of blog, numerous Cisco Press books and highly successful series of webinars. Buy now
Due to end-of-year overload I cannot accept new engagements before January 2017. Please check my availability before purchasing a consulting session.
Kathleen Hendrick, Network Architect, Twick Consulting
Dear Ivan, just wanted to reach out and say thanks for the discussion the other day through ExpertExpress. Your ability to assess the current situation, propose a number of possibilities and then do an in-depth examination of the actual packet flow within each possible solution, all within the 90 minutes, is invaluable. This really speaks to your absolute incredible understanding of technology and its behaviour in various scenarios. These discussions have already assisted in pointing us in the right direction and will be pertinent in determining the final architecture.
What is it? Expert-level consulting delivered in a live WebEx conference call.

What’s included?

  • Live WebEx conference call of up to 90 minutes;
  • Short preparation for the conference call;
  • E-mail answers to a few follow-up questions;
  • Access to webinar materials and recordings relevant to the topics discussed during the conference call.
How much does it cost? $399

How can I buy it?

You can Buy nowbuy the ExpertExpress™ service with your credit card; just click the Buy Now button on the right.

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How does it work?
  • After deciding you're interested in the ExpertExpress service, please send me an e-mail with a short description of the engagement.
  • Once the scope of the consulting engagement has been agreed and the WebEx conference call scheduled, buy the ExpertExpress service through Google Checkout.
  • I'll process your Google Checkout order (and charge your credit card) after completing the WebEx conference call and answering potential follow-up questions.
When is ExpertExpress not the right choice? ExpertExpress is a flexible cost-optimized service. Please don't expect to use it for extensive engagements like lengthy documentation reviews, lab work, functional or performance tests or support to production networks.