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Practical Introduction to YANG and NETCONF using real world technology.

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This webinar takes a user from zero to learned hero using real world experience and demonstratable technology. Using off the shelf tools from well known companies along with DIY using Python, NETCONF and YANG background knowledge and real world how-to steps will be delivered over a two hour webinar. By the end the audience will understand the purpose of YANG, how NETCONF facilitates delivery of information built on the YANG model to network element and will have real world experience of both of these technologies in a multi-vendor environment.

The NETCONF Deep Dive update session explores the NETCONF protocol details and several vendor implementations.


Part 1: Introduction to NETCONF and YANG

  • What is NETCONF and YANG
  • Why are SNMP, CLI and REST not good enough?
  • Where did NETCONF and YANG come from?
  • Example: configuration deployment with MG Soft NETCONF Browser Pro
  • How does NETCONF work over XML?
  • Tools you can use to test your NETCONF code
  • Example: NETCONF over SSH with Nexus OS and Junos
  • How does YANG work?
  • End-to-end YANG & NETCONF with Python

Part 2: NETCONF Deep Dive

  • Opening NETCONF Session
  • Configuration and Operational Data
  • NETCONF Datastores
  • Getting and filtering operational data

Part 3: Vendor implementations

  • NETCONF on Cisco IOS
  • NETCONF on Junos

About the Author

David GeeDavid Gee is an evolving network engineer and consultant with an all-encompassing focus and interest in devops, SDN, NFV and the programmability of things that move and do things to frames and packets. Prior to being heavily involved in the networking space, David was an embedded assembly and C programmer writing firmware for products ranging from graphic display drivers to precision racing lap timers. He also talks a lot and drinks copious amounts of coffee. David is based in the UK where he is always up for a coffee shop chat.

Read his blog and follow him on Twitter.

More about David Gee

Target Audience

This webinar is targeted towards network and devops engineers who understand the fundamentals of network engineering, network design and operation using traditional toolsets. Knowledge of Python is not mandatory however some simple background reading on the basics would be beneficial.

Delivery Format

The NETCONF and YANG is a 4-hour technical presentation available as a set of downloadable videos that you can buy in our online store or get as part of network automation workshop or Building Network Automation Solutions online course. We can also organize an on-site SDN, OpenFlow, NFV and SDDC or Hands-On Network Automation workshop, where the topics of this presentation are combined with in-depth discussion of other data center, network automation, OpenFlow or SDN topics that apply to your network.

Happy Campers

About the webinar

Not coherent, skips from topic to topic. Or maybe this is just how NETCONF is. A pile of disorganized hacks.

Unknown User
Good introductory to Netconf + YANG.
There are several demos to get the basic idea.
Vladislav Atanasov

About the materials

Not coherent, skips from topic to topic. Or maybe this is just how NETCONF is. A pile of disorganized hacks.
Unknown User

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