Segment Routing Introduction

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Segment Routing is probably the most significant addition to the MPLS control plane in the last decade. It significantly simplifies MPLS deployments (for example, BGP-free network core or L2VPN/L3VPN), reduces the number of protocols needed in an MPLS-enabled network, and enables stateless MPLS traffic engineering.

In this webinar Jeff Tantsura, chair of IETF Routing Area Working Group, explains the basics of Segment Routing and its operation with an SDN controller.


  • What is Segment Routing and why do we need it?
  • Short introduction to Segment Routing technology
  • Cross-Domain Segment Routing
  • Segment Routing and SDN
  • SDN orchestration with OpenDaylight

About the Author

Jeff Tantsura

Jeff Tantsura is has been in the networking space for 20+ years and has authored/contributed to many RFC's and patents. He is the chair of IETF Routing Working Group, chartered to work on new Network Architectures and technologies, including protocol independent YANG models, working on YANG modeling as the working group chair and contributor.

Jeff is co-author of a recently published book – Navigating Network Complexity, talking, among other topics about why networking has become so complex and the urgent need for automation and programmable model driven networking.

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