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Thank you for your interest in products and services. We know our site grew to a point where it’s sometimes hard to find the information you need. Here are the usual topics our visitors are interested in:

Choosing and buying an product

We tried to make it as simple as possible: you can buy an subscription, online course, or consulting service.

You can buy our products with a credit card or pay with wire transfer. More details here.

Based on the questions we received in the past we put together a long list of frequently-asked questions:

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Consulting services

If you’d like to have expert help, a second opinion on your network design, or any other technology discussion, check the ExpertExpress service and get in touch to discuss the details.

While we usually focus on short online consulting sessions, some of our experts might also be available for longer engagements… or we could get you in touch with boutique professional services organizations we trust enough to recommend them.

Please note that we can’t do time-critical consulting and we rarely do remote troubleshooting. If you have a network-down situation or need troubleshooting assistance, contact your supplier’s or vendor’s TAC.

Organizing an on-site workshop

If you're interested in an on-site workshop and would like to discuss pricing, scheduling, and customized workshop content, please send us an e-mail.

Problems with your account

The common questions we get are collected in frequently-asked questions. Workgroup-specific questions are collected in Workgroup products FAQ.

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Technical questions and challenges

While we provide tons of free content, we cannot answer lengthy questions, solve your design challenges, or analyze your router configurations for free. Having said that, if you’re looking for someone who could do that, you might have come to the right place… but we’ll have to charge for that. Check the Consulting services above.

However, if you disagree with what I wrote, or have an interesting technical question, please continue reading.

Disagree with what we wrote?

Please keep in mind this fundamental rule: we have independent opinions. AG is completely vendor-independent, which reflects in its online courses, other digital content and its blog. Our goal is to help anyone aiming to gain in-depth knowledge of advanced networking-, data center/cloud- or SDN/automation technologies, but we’re not sponsored by any equipment/software vendor mentioned in courses, webinars, articles or blog posts.

If you disagree with our understanding of the technical facts (or if we're plain wrong), please let Ivan know and we'll fix the relevant material, but don't expect us to change our opinions or conclusions without presenting strong additional evidence supporting your claims.

Have an interesting technical question?

If you have an interesting technical question, or have made an unusual observation in your network, don’t hesitate a second: send Ivan a message… and you might find the answer to your question published as a blog post.

However, due to large amount of incoming email, it’s really hard to reply to everyone, and we cannot reply to questions where it's obvious you're trying to solve your business challenges for free. We have consulting services for a reason.

Fan letters

Everyone loves to hear that they’re doing something right and we’re no exception. Please send Ivan a message with your feedback.

We also appreciate courteous and constructive critique of our work… but if all you want to do is to send someone a frustrated rant because we called your product or idea ugly, please take it somewhere else. We know you can do better than that, and we do listen to technical arguments.

Podcast and blog post ideas

Have you found a cool technology, or have a good story you think is worthy a podcast episode or a blog post? Please share it with us... but if you happen to work for a vendor, you might want to read this first.