Ansible for Networking Engineers

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With our Ansible for Networking Engineers webinar or our Building Network Automation Solutions online course you'll learn the basics of Ansible, YAML and Jinja2, the pesky details that trip Ansible beginners, and how to use Ansible to automate your network… while solving numerous hands-on challenges on your way to becoming an Ansible expert.

Is This You?

  • Network architect, technical pre-sales engineer, or similar senior, technical leader role
  • Traditional networking engineer striving to improve your career prospects
  • Automation user (sysadmin or programmer) aiming to extend automation to networking devices
  • Want to avoid expensive solutions and untested technologies that benefit vendors but not end-users?
  • Frustrated with home-grown automation scripts built with Perl/Python/TCL/Shell Scripts?
  • Prefer to build systems from small components over buying monolithic vendor platforms?

Ansible is the go-to network automation tool used by everyone – from engineers starting their automation journey to gigantic web properties like Spotify or Fastly. Explore it and become an Ansible expert with this webinar or our automation online course!

Do You Have These Challenges

  • You're sick-and-tired of repetitive work being done by your department
  • Interested in network automation but don't know where/how to start
  • Faced with a large deployment with aggressive roll-out deadlines
  • Have to make network infrastructure or services delivery more predictable and reliable
  • Looking for a small proof-of-concept project that you could deploy in a production network
  • Confused by the plethora of open-source and vendor tools
  • Tried Ansible and got stuck

This webinar and our automation online course will help you master the intricacies of Ansible, and enable you to use it to automate your network.

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The Ansible for Networking Engineers webinar covers these topics:

  • Technologies, including YAML, JSON, Jinja2 and Ansible playbooks
  • Advanced Ansible topics, including flow control, includes, roles and plugins
  • Ansible networking modules
  • Using NAPALM framework and NAPALM "validate" functionality (new) with Ansible
  • Debugging Ansible playbooks and Jinja2 templates

The DMVPN case study part of the webinar gives you a step-by-step approach to creating an automated Cisco IOS configuration builder, from data model design (using YAML), configuration templates (using Jinja2) and process automation with Ansible. Online course includes numerous other case studies.

For more details, explore the webinar content.

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At a Glance

  • Jump-start your network automation career;
  • Discover Ansible and its networking modules
  • Hands-on experience
  • Review questions and challenge exercises
  • Detailed case studies

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Deep Dive Automation Course

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Overall duration ~ 16 hours of Ansible content
88 webinars
125 hours of
Network Automation content
Live sessions
Guest speakers
Hands-on Exercises
Review of the Solutions

Tools and technologies

Ansible Networking modules
Using NAPALM with Ansible
YAML and Jinja2
Unit testing and validation
YAML and OpenConfig
Git and GitHub
GitLab CI

Mentoring and Support

Review questions
Lab Instructions
Online support forum
Hands-on exercises
Exercise review
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Interested in detailed differences in content, and sample solutions covered by each product? Here they are:

Standard Subscription

Deep Dive Automation Course

Sample playbooks
In-depth explanations

Case studies

Configuration generation
Simple reports
Integration with Git
WAN Services Deployment
Data Center Fabrics
Network Services Provisioning
Summary reports
Compliance reports
Network State Validation
Data model abstraction
Data model manipulation

Systems Architecture

Open-Source Tools
Data models and data stores
Building a solution from open-source components
Real-life examples
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About the Authors

Ivan Pepelnjak

Ivan Pepelnjak (CCIE#1354 Emeritus) has implemented his first network automation solution in mid-1990s, presented SDN and Network Automation solutions at Interop, Troopers, RIPE and other regional ISP meetings, and delivered numerous on-site SDN and network automation workshops for large enterprises and service providers.

Ivan is the author of several SDN-related books, Hands-On Network Automation workshop, Building Network Automation Solutions online course, highly praised webinars, and dozens of network automation and SDN-related technical articles published on his blog.

More about Ivan Pepelnjak

David BarrosoDavid Barroso is Network Systems Engineer at Fastly, a real-time CDN, where he focuses on network architecture, SDN and automation. Previously he has been working for companies like NTT Communications and Spotify. He's the author of SDN Internet Router and co-author of NAPALM, a network automation abstraction library. His everyday life involves a lot of coding, hacking network equipment, using protocols in ways they weren't originally intended for and taking all the steps necessary to make sure network engineers stay away from the CLI.

More about David…

Happy Campers

About the webinar

I cannot think of a reason why a network engineer would not subscribe to these webinars, unless of course he does not want to grow.

Juan J Martinez
Good session, though it strikes me that I'm going to have to watch it again for the details to sink in.
Mark Greenlaw
It helps you to get an faststart with ansible and network "auto" configuration. It is a very good starting point to understand the basic mechanics of ansible
Basile Bluntschli
Great introduction to network automation
Nitya Ganesan
It's a good starting point to trigger the techie-bone and start trying out with examples
Kurt Wauters
Really good kick-start for Ansible from networking point of view.
Jaakko Rautanen
worth every second of my time, especially after being presented some of the ansible quirks and best practices that I already had been trying to wrap my head around for hours
Unknown User
It gave you a complete foundation and skills to get started automating your network
Reynold Tabuena
This webinar is very comprehensive compare to any other ansible webinar available out there. Ivan does great job of mapping and using real life example which is directly related to daily tasks.
Krunal Shah
This is a great place to learn Ansible and Network Automation from scratch. Starting with an emphasis on the fundamentals (yaml, json, jinja2, how to group your network devices for automation, etc.) you progressively build up towards useful network automation. Most lessons are accompanied by questions and challenges, some of which require extra research which I find really solidify the understanding of what you're leaning. Finally, having access to their network automation slack is great. Even if you don't participate in the conversions, you can learn a lot just by reading through the conversations.
Samuel Robillard
Ivan gives great examples and logic that you need to get started and keep you involved.
John Jenks
Awesome webinar, full of interesting new content for a network engineer.
Gabriel Sulbaran
To me, you can only fully understand the "Using NAPALM with Ansible" when you do the "Validation Network Device State with NAPALM" as well if not before.
Andrea Di Donato
Like everything on the ipspace this webinar is great!
Adis Cato
This webinar helped me a lot in understanding Ansible and the benefits we can gain. It is a big area to grasp for a non coder and this webinar was exactly what i needed to get started(in a lab), a lot of tips and tricks and how to think.
It was more fun than i expected so started with Python just to get a better grasp of programing and Jinja.
Mikael Eriksson
This is one of the best courses on Ansible I saw. It will give you all the knowledge and skills needed to automate your network with confidence. Highly recommended.
Henrique Lopes
We have varying degrees of experience, and it works for the novice as well as the senior engineers. While I have been in the field for a while, this is a newer technology that we have not used and this course has been very useful
Teresa Shibao
Do you need really to start with Jason, Yaml, Jinja, Ansible. Go here.
Rafa Cenak
One can't say there is no good information available in the webinar. It is entirely possible to learn a few nice tricks, or at least find a thread to pull on and get somewhere. However, I must say it was a big disappointment to me. For the price I paid, I expected so much more.

First, the format is just unacceptable for todays standards. Low video quality, the delivery is not engaging at all with a monotone and slow speech.

Also, the content itself is outdated, with videos from 2015, 2016 and 2017. Important bits changed in the past years and the material was not properly updated.

Something like this should be made available for a symbolic price. Either update the whole thing, or stop charging top money for it.
Andre Lima
Best course regarding ansible network automation in my opinion. Provides all the tools and knowledge needed to get started and more depending on how deep you want to get and where you want to take it

About the instructor

Ivan is the man, period.
Juan J Martinez

About the materials

Ed Weadon
I would like to see more generic API example, such as integrating to ODL and such.
Srinivas Ram
not sure whether you'd like to encourage that behavior, but I'd like a bulk download helper for offline viewing of the videos.
Unknown User
It nice to have some more real world use case
Reynold Tabuena
Very well organized.
Krunal Shah
Some of the lessons seemed a little chaotic, which is understandable given the content they were covering. I really liked the presentations and how Ivan would draw out some of the concepts. The only drawback with that is while doing some of the challenges, if don't quite remember one of the concepts that Ivan was explaining in depth, I have to go back in watch the video rather tham just look through the slides. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, it forces to get a good grasp on what he's saying. But in terms of efficiency, if there was a document of "lesson notes" or something which break down some of his explanation, I think that would be a very useful reference document.

Overall, the course materials were great. The course really allowed me to jump into network automation head first, rather than just scratch the surface as I had been doing beforehand
Samuel Robillard
great stuff
Adis Cato
I would like to end this review by thanking you for all the great content i have been able to watch and learn from.
Mikael Eriksson
Something like this should be made available for a symbolic price. Either update the whole thing, or stop charging top money for it.
Andre Lima

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