Author:Anton Karneliuk

Anton KarneliukAnton Karneliuk (@AntonKarneliuk) is a telecommunication industry enthusiast with huge track of the delivered projects across Europe. Started as a traditional network engineer in the Belarussian OpCo velcom | A1 Anton mastered pure networking skills (2x CCIE #49412 RS/SP) and then expanded the area of interest to the disaggregated data center networks and network automation/programmability. Currently, Anton is working as the team lead in Vodafone Group focusing on the design and optimization of the mobile and fixed services in the access/backhaul networks in Europe. The primary focus is the SDN based on Segment Routing, BGP-LS and PCEP, and simplification of the whole Service Provider operation process using automation. The main mantra: there are no service providers, entries or data center networks. There are just applications, which must be connected in a certain way. In addition to the delivering projects to the Vodafone, Anton is writing a lot about development and operation of the multi-vendor networks and network automation using open source tools on his blog and Twitter.


Guest speaker in online courses