Author:Wim De Hul

Wim De Hul Wim De Hul is a network OSS engineer working for Proximus and BICS since 1994. During the first years of his career, his main focus was traditional voice switching, and since 2001 he has switched to IP networks. Wim helped with the deployment and maintenance of Proximus' first international IP network, carrying IP transit, GRX, and other IP-based products. Later on, he joined the OSS team, where his main task was to develop monitoring solutions for the IP network. By using both open source and proprietary software solutions, the first step to automation was taken by developing scripts to glue everything together. Later in 2017, he was one of the leading developers that built a generic API to a broad set of network devices, and more recently he's helping BICS with the implementation of a network orchestrator, managing the lifecycle of some of BICS' IP products.


Guest speaker in online courses