DMVPN Designs

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DMVPN is one of the most scalable technologies you can use when building large IPsec-based VPN networks with dynamic routing functionality. It seems simple, but you could get into interesting design challenges when your deployment has more than a few spoke routers. The DMVPN Designs webinar will help you answer these questions:

  • Should I use Phase-1, -2 or -3 DMVPN?
  • Which routing protocol would work best in my DMVPN network?
  • How can I design networks with redundant connectivity or redundant hub/spoke routers?
  • How can I minimize the amount of routing information exchanged over DMVPN?
  • Can I use default routing over DMVPN?
  • How do I integrate centralized or local exit to the Internet with DMVPN?
  • How can I use DMVPN as a backup path for my MPLS/VPN connectivity?
  • How can I use 3G networks as a backup path for my DMVPN?

Designed for demanding networking architects and designers, this webinar is full of design and configuration tips that can help you build and deploy scalable DMVPN networks.


Target audience

If you’re considering DMVPN deployment beyond a few sites, you simply must attend this advanced webinar. Regardless of whether you’re a high-end consultant or a network designer working on a complex DMVPN-based design, you’ll appreciate the design and configuration tips and the intricate details of the scenarios covered during the webinar.

To attend this webinar, you should be very familiar with IP routing and IP routing protocols as well as with the DMVPN technology and configuration (I would strongly recommend you watch the DMVPN: From Basics to Scalable Networks recording first).

Delivery format

The DMVPN Designs is a 2 hour technical presentation. We can also organize an on-site event, where the topics of this presentation are combined with in-depth discussion of other DMVPN-related topics that apply to your network.


The webinar does not address platform-specific issues, IOS release recommendations or performance guidelines. These topics are covered in Cisco’s design guides.

About the author

Ivan Pepelnjak (CCIE#1354 Emeritus) has been designing, deploying, operating and troubleshooting IP-based Enterprise and Service Provider networks since 1990. He’s the author of highly successful EIGRP and MPLS books published by Cisco press and Service Provider courses now offered by Cisco Systems, technical reviewer of several other VPN-related books, and author of highly-successful DMVPN webinars.

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