DevOps and Security for Enterprise Environments

The DevOps culture and mindset is arriving in many enterprise environments -- and it is arriving in a similar way "Agile Development" did.

Companies see the results and potential benefits that DevOps environments (can) provide and decide to give the middle management the task to transform the IT landscape into DevOps. We will cover the intrinsic problem with this approach and, based on the identified characteristics, develop a model and tool stack on how DevOps may work in enterprise IT environments -- even with security in mind! The proposed approach won't be an easy one to implement but follows the "no pain, no gain" principle:

There will be definitive advantages of a working DevOps toolchain and organization for your security posture if you commit to the change.


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About the Author

Matthias LuftMatthias Luft is a Freelance IT Security Researcher/Trainer/Consultant and former heads of the German security research company ERNW Research. He is interested in a broad range of topics (such as DLP, virtualization/cloud, and network security) while keeping up with the daily consulting and assessment work.