Enterprise MPLS VPN Deployment

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MPLS is a technology that is usually associated with Service Providers services, from (layer-3) MPLS/VPNs to pseudowires and VPLS. Enterprise network designers tend to ignore MPLS, failing to realize that the building blocks of MPLS/VPN technology could solve numerous problems in the enterprise space.

The Enterprise MPLS VPN Deployment webinar (register here) will help you decide whether you would benefit from MPLS/VPN deployment in your enterprise network. You’ll also learn about the hardware, software and licensing requirements and the new skill sets your engineers have to master before deploying MPLS/VPN.


This webinar is part of Virtual Private Networks roadmap and accessible with standard subscription

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The webinar covers the following topics:

  • What is MPLS and why is it widely used in Service Provider networks?
  • What kind of challenges can MPLS solve for an enterprise network?
  • What hardware, software and licenses do you need to deploy MPLS in your network?
  • What is VRF-Lite and can it be used instead of MPLS/VPN?
  • Is it mandatory to use BGP?
  • How can I transport MPLS data across my WAN links?
  • Can I run my MPLS/VPN network over IPSec or DMVPN links?
  • Are there any MTU issues?
  • Is it possible to slowly phase in MPLS into my network?
  • What steps should I to take to prepare for an enterprise MPLS rollout?
  • What additional knowledge do I need before designing and deploying MPLS VPN?

You’ll also receive sample configurations for common deployment scenarios.

Case studies

The webinar will describe the need for enterprise MPLS/VPN through case studies covering numerous common deployment scenarios, including:

  • Guest internet access with local and centralized exit to the Internet;
  • IP transport for outsourced services;
  • End-to-end user isolation (departments within a large organization or user groups based on NAC classification);
  • Data center path isolation;
  • Fusion router and common services.


After this webinar, you’ll understand major MPLS/VPN elements including Virtual Routing and Forwarding (VRF) tables, multi-VRF (aka VRF-Lite), VRF-aware Cisco IOS features, intra-VRF routing, multi-protocol BGP and VPNv4 addresses, route distinguishers and route targets and principles of MPLS operation.

The webinar also describes VRF-aware DHCP, inter-VRF Network Address Translation (NAT), inter-VRF packet leaking and route leaking and running MPLS/VPN across GRE and DMVPN tunnels.

Solutions to Case Studies

Sample designs and configuration snippets are described for every case study mentioned in the webinar. This information will help you focus your further efforts as you’ll prepare to deploy MPLS/VPN in your enterprise network.

Next Steps

The webinar also suggests typical follow-up self-study curriculum, potential training methods and steps you should follow to design, deploy and operate your enterprise MPLS/VPN solution.


The webinar does not address platform-specific issues or performance guidelines. These topics are covered in numerous Cisco Press books and courses offered by Cisco Learning Partners.

Target Audience

If one of the requirements of your enterprise network is to provide separation between departments (path isolation) or if you’re providing IP connectivity across your network to third parties, you simply have to attend this webinar.

To attend this webinar, you should be familiar with IP routing and IP routing protocols (CCNP-level knowledge is highly recommended). No prior exposure to MPLS/VPN or prior MPLS/VPN knowledge is assumed.

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About the webinar

Great resource!

Gábor Kis-Hegedüs
I did not design the network but it sure help me understand more what is in place. Thank you.
Jonathan Zaldivar
It is a very good to understand and gain rapid knowledge of some techniques to face the challenges of deploying MPLS VPNs in am enterprise environment.
Kem Marin
Excellent introduction to the basic concepts and operational issues when developing an enterprise MPLS system.
Eugene Young
Lots of in depth knowledge simplified down with real world examples.
Henrik Saari

About the materials

I was wondering if you can provide a spreadsheet as a project plan with networking steps. Thank you.
Jonathan Zaldivar
Overall a very good course.
Kem Marin
Both this webinar and the Cisco online presentations only go so far. A more in-depth webinar on MPLS design pitfalls and things to avoid would be useful. Maybe combined with MPLS troubleshooting and management?
Eugene Young

Feedback from the attendees

High level, but not exactly easy to deep dive when limited to a 3 hour session on such a broad topic. Definitly gives ample opportunity to ask questions and inspires further learning.
Richard Fairclough
I'm currently planning and building a dual-cloud MPLSoDMVPN network. A session like this really helps solidify my understanding of the technologies. A virtual training doesn't always work well, but this was great.
Hagen Amen
Your presentation skills are outstanding, as is the organization of the material. The ROI for the information was as good as it gets. I'll definitely return for future webinars and I see the potential for using them as training tools for our network staff (e.g. IPv6 training)
Mark Boolootian
I enjoyed every minute of it. Examples of scenarios applicable to real-life requirements were great, and Ivan is great presenter when it comes to explaining underlying basics.
Alexandra Stanovska
Very well organized and presented! I'm going to have to talk my wife into letting me sign up for the yearly subscription!
John Cochran
Session was really excellent, some details that were missing in essential uderstanding how MPLS VPN's work are now clear.
Damir Stilinović


Just managed to get through the last 1.5hrs of @ioshints' #EntMPLS webinar that I missed. Will definitely be signing up for more...
Another great webinar #EntMPLS by @ioshints. Thank you Ivan!


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