IPv6 High Availability Strategies

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The IPv6 evangelists were promising solutions to numerous network problems when developing the new protocol suite, but all we’re effectively left with is a slightly different IP stack with longer addresses. The IPv6 stack did manage to fix a few obvious IPv4 problems, but also introduced new concepts and untested approaches.

While it’s perfectly possible to deploy a production-grade IPv6-only network using today’s IPv6-capable products, you have to be deeply familiar with IPv6 protocol suite to get all the details right – and this presentation will tell you how to do that.


  • IPv6 myths and reality
  • Overview of high-availability components, from application to networking infrastructure
  • IPv6 host addressing and routing and its impact on host and service availability
  • IPv6 first-hop protocols
  • Designing highly-available IPv6 subnets
  • End-to-end network availability considerations
  • Application-level availability in dual-stack environments

Target Audience

If you’re planning to design, deploy or operate a mission-critical IPv6 network, you simply have to attend this webinar, regardless of whether you’re working in an enterprise or service provider environment.

About the Author

Ivan Pepelnjak

Ivan Pepelnjak (CCIE#1354 Emeritus) has been designing, deploying, operating and troubleshooting IP-based enterprise and service provider networks since 1990. He’s the author of EIGRP and MPLS books published by Cisco Press, numerous articles and highly praised IPv6 webinars.

His blog, where you'll find numerous IPv6 related articles, is usually considered one of the best technology-focused internetworking blogs.

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Delivery format

The IPv6 High Availability Strategies is a 2-hour technical presentation available as a set of downloadable videos that you can buy in our online store. We can also organize an on-site event for your team, where the topics of this presentation are combined with in-depth discussion of other IPv6-related topics resulting in a 1-2 day on-site training covering the deployment of IPv6 in your network.

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