Introduction to Cloud Computing

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Public Cloud services have been disrupting traditional IT operations and impact the overall way of service and software development delivery. While the Public Cloud adoption is ubiquitous, the understanding of how software architecture, deployment, and operation is impacted by that is not as ubiquitous.

This webinar covers the basics of Public Cloud services, with other webinars in the Cloud Computing roadmap providing details of specific cloud services.


This webinar is part of Cloud Computing and Networking roadmap and accessible with free or standard subscription

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In this webinar will cover the following topics:

  • Cloud technology overview & terminology
  • Sample Public Cloud services
  • Shares Cloud Responsibility
  • Security & Reliability
  • Automation
  • Cloud-native Design including Case Studies

The Authors

Matthias LuftMatthias Luft is a Principal Platform Security Engineer at Salesforce Heroku. After more than 10 years in IT Security, he is still excited about a broad range of topics (from hypervisor security to IT security management) and has presented on them on various occasions. Currently, he works on container and cloud security topics.

Florian BarthFlorian Barth s founder and CTO of Stocard - THE Mobile Wallet App. He is responsible for evolving and managing Stocard’s docker-backed, cloud-hosted microservices-swarm while staying up to date in security, mobile development, and many other tech topics.