Introduction to Docker

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This webinar will introduce you to Docker - why everyone's talking about it, what makes it so useful, and how developers and operators use it to improve their workflows. Attendees of this webinar will receive not only a high-level overview of Docker concepts and terminology, but a few practical examples that empower them to use Docker for their own projects immediately.

We plan to do a total redesign of the webinar in Spring 2020 starting with a live session on April 9th 2020

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Happy Campers

About the webinar

I think that few real world examples of how Docker is being used in production, could have been great. But all in all, very good into!

Dan Shechter
To the point - there are take-aways even if you are already familiar with the technology
Ernest Altbart
It was okay, but not up to the usual ipspace standards.
Kevin B Gray

About the materials

I haven't any experience in Docker before and then two hours was a bit too short for me but was very interesting. I will watch the video again at my own pace now :-).
Very nice presentation. Thank you!
Noel Sestayo
I'm still learning about Docker, but thus far I can provide the following.

Security: Make sure to cover how Docker containers share the kernel of the host in a secure and resource containing manner using kernel namespaces and control groups.

Networking: I know that Docker networking is still in development, but demonstrations of how containers communicate within a host or among hosts using a Docker-based overlay isn't especially helpful. It is required, but not what I'm really looking for. I need to know how to really tie containers to the outside world, how to provide L4-L7 services, and how to do it at scale for real world production environments. The demonstration was great for a lab environment, but I need to see how to make this work in the real world; including multi-tenancy.
Kevin B Gray


Woot woot! Matt teaching the “Intro to Docker” ipspace Webinar today. Nice surprise.
Getting ready to watch @ioshints and @Mierdin Introduction to Docker … should be good!

About the Author

Matt OswaltMatt Oswalt (@mierdin) is an all-around technology nerd, currently focusing on networking, open source, and everything in between. He is at his happiest in front of a keyboard, next to a brewing kettle, or wielding his silo-smashing sledgehammer. He deploys networking technologies around the world, and likes to blog about his experiences when he comes up for air.