Introduction to Software-Defined Data Center

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What is SDDC? Will it increase the data center agility like the virtualization vendors are promising us or is it just another overhyped concept? This webinar will explain the basics of Software Defined Data Centers and other related emerging technologies and concepts, and help you figure out how to benefit from SDDC concepts in your environment.

If you’re CIO, network architect or designer working in service provider or large enterprise environments, you'll find this two hour webinar a must-have overview of Software Defined Data Centers and related technologies.


This webinar is part of Software-Defined Data Centers (SDDC) roadmap and accessible with free or standard subscription

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The webinar covers these topics:

  • What problems is SDDC trying to solve? Are they real, perceived or invented by the vendors?
  • Everything is software-defined these days. What exactly is SDDC supposed to be?
  • The role of orchestration and automation in SDDC
  • Software-defined storage
  • Software-defined network connectivity and services
  • Rearchitecting the application deployment processes to get benefits from an SDDC deployment

About the Author

Ivan PepelnjakIvan Pepelnjak, CCIE#1354 Emeritus, is an independent network architect, book author, blogger and regular speaker at industry events like Interop, RIPE and regional NOG meetings. He has been designing and implementing large-scale service provider and enterprise networks since 1990, and is currently using his expertise to help multinational enterprises and large cloud- and service providers design next-generation data center and cloud infrastructure using Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) approaches and technologies.

Ivan is the author of several books covering data center technologies, highly praised webinars, and dozens of data center and cloud-related technical articles published on his blog.

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Ivan is a real reference in the IT world. Attending his presentations is a great pleaseare. He mixes qualities of a book writer, blogger, technical expert, IT designer, RFC writer ... through all his sessions, I learned how to present IT problems and the approach used to tackled them without doing marketing for principles ( CISCO, Juniper...).

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Great as usual
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All was great
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