Kubernetes Networking Deep Dive

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Kubernetes is rapidly becoming a near-ubiquitous technology for automating the deployment and management of modern networked applications. It is also very complex, with a fast release cycle, and third-party plugins required to enable connectivity. Keeping track of the various subsystems, plugins, and their often overlapping capabilities can be a difficult exercise of teasing out the marketing, which is often is framed for different audiences, from the technical reality.

This webinar will provide you with the details you need to understand:

  • Why Kubernetes is becoming a unified management and control plane for compute, network, and storage both in data centers and on public clouds;
  • What the Kubernetes networking model is, and how it works: nodes, pods, services, and their translation into Linux constructs such as virtual ethernet devices, Iptables, or IPVS configuration, and how these connect to your existing network infrastructure;
  • Where Kubernetes integrates with the network: exploring various container networking technologies such as VMware NSX, Project Calico, Project Antrea, along with VMware vSphere 7 and public-cloud (AWS, Azure) specifics;
  • How Kubernetes integrates with and orchestrates the APIs of cloud and/or virtual network appliances such as routers, load balancers, NAT gateways, etc.;
  • A survey of the overlapping capabilities of various commercial and open-source Kubernetes Service Type Load Balancers and Ingress Controllers, for efficiently and reliably sending traffic to applications. Examples include NGINX, Project Contour, Traefik, the Istio Gateway, and NSX Advanced Load Balancer (Avi Networks).


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This topic will be conducted over several live sessions.

In the first session, we will provide a detailed introduction to the “why” behind Kubernetes and what its networking model consists of.

In the second session, we will explore Kubernetes container technologies, and how Kubernetes orchestrates external network appliances.

In the final session, we will explore the various load balancing and Ingress Controller technologies and their respective capabilities.

Target Audience

Networking architects and engineers, or aspiring Kubernetes architects and system engineers, wishing to learn in-depth about Kubernetes’ approach to networking and the various open-source and vendor plugins available. It’s assumed you have a technical understanding of networks, Linux, and container technologies (Docker).

The Author

Stuart CharltonStuart Charlton is a Global Field Principal, Office of the CTO, with VMware, focusing on helping customers with the Tanzu portfolio, Kubernetes, and modern application architecture.

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About the webinar

"Kubernetes Networking Deep Dive" is a must see webinar. Once done take a break and then watch it again, let it sink in and then sign-up for a free account with Azure or GCP and practice all that was learned during the webinar. At the end of this exercise ... one will begin to understand why the networking domain seems to be lagging behind ... This webinar will help one pick up the pace!
Mihai Iancu