Buying Products: Frequently Asked Questions

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Credit card transactions

Will I get a receipt for my credit card transaction?

Yes. When paying with a credit card you get an automatically-generated receipt from our merchant Digital River (MyCommerce), which is good enough for 99.9% of the buyers. If your accounting needs an invoice, please address this request to our merchant Digital River (MyCommerce). You should have their contact details in the order confirmation that you received from them.

Can you put my Tax/VAT ID on the credit card receipt/invoice?

Absolutely. Tax/VAT ID is one of the optional items you can enter.

When paying with a credit card, click on "Show more input fields" in the shopping cart form and there you will see the option "Add VAT ID".

I never got the receipt (or the dog ate it). Can you resend it?

Digital River handles all our credit card transactions and protects you from prying eyes like ourselves. The only thing we can do is to ask them to resend the receipt - contact us and we'll do it.

However, we cannot change any of your details, so if you (for example) entered invalid email address when ordering you will have to contact Digital River directly.

I mistyped my email address. Can you change it?

We can change your email address in our system, but we cannot change it in your order. If you need your receipt/order confirmation and it gets sent to an incorrect email address, you'll have to contact Digital River.

Can you change the company details (or tax ID) on the receipt?

We can't do that. Digital River is the merchant-of-record for your credit card transaction, and we cannot change the paperwork they sent you. You'll have to contact them directly – their contact details are in the confirmation email they sent you and on the credit card receipt.

Can you send me an invoice for my credit card transaction?

We can't do that. When buying with a credit card, you're buying our products from Digital River. We clearly cannot send you an invoice for something you bought from someone else. You'll have to contact Digital River – their contact details are in the confirmation email they sent you and on the credit card receipt.

What exchange rate are you using?

We're not. All credit card transactions are handled by Digital River, we just send them the USD amount. They tend to have "conservative" (some people might call it "creative") exchange rate. On top of that, they have to charge local VAT.

You might be better off switching the currency from whatever Digital River has decided is best for you back to USD. However, keep in mind that most banks also use "adjusted" exchange rate for credit card transactions in foreign currencies, and some of them add a service fee on top of that (because it's so much work to do an automated conversion based on a lookup table).

My purchasing department needs your details

When paying with a credit card, you're buying products from Digital River (our merchant-of-record), so they really need those details. They can find them on the Digital River web site.

My accounting needs an invoice

If you’re paying with a credit card, see “Will I get a receipt for my credit card transaction?

Reselling Products

Do you work with resellers?

Yes. We have absolutely no problem if you buy our products for someone else.

Do you have reseller discounts?

Yes and no.

If you want to buy a single copy of one of our products just because your existing customer asked you to do so, please don’t expect us to give you a discount – charge them whatever you wish for the additional administrative efforts you have to go through, but we see absolutely no reason to lower our prices just because someone loves to shift the paperwork burden.

However, if you believe enough in our products to buy a bunch of them and resell them as individual products to your customers, please check out the workgroup pricing – discounts start as soon as you buy at least five products at the same time.

Finally (just to avoid any potential confusion), if your customer comes to you asking for a workgroup subscription, and you pass that request to us, it’s still a single product – see the second paragraph above.

How can I buy an product for my customers?

  1. Please ask the customer to give you the URL of the product they want you to buy. It should look something like
  1. Please don’t complicate everyone’s life with a P/O. It won’t speed up the process.

Paying with a credit card

If you’re paying with a credit card:

  1. Enter your email address, your name, and your company details into Billing Information box.
  2. Untick The Recipient or Licensee is the same as the Purchaser.
  3. Enter end-user into Recipient Information box.

… and press the BUY NOW button.

You’ll get the automatically-generated receipt/order confirmation from our merchant Digital River (MyCommerce).

After the payment processor approves the credit card transaction, our system automatically adds the end-user into our database and sends them a welcome email with the log-in details.

Can I renew subscriptions for my customers?

Absolutely, but you'll have to pay with a credit card as the Standard Subscription renewal falls way below the $1000 limit.