ipSpace.net Compact Subscription: Frequently Asked Questions


Compact subscription has been discontinued on July 1st 2018. This page contains FAQ for the three remaining users. We also changed the design of the user interface in the meantime, but did not update the screenshots in this section.

What is a compact subscription

Compact subscription is a lower-priced subscription that gives you access to all free and sponsored webinars plus 10 regular webinars of your choice.

You can add webinars to your compact subscription at any time and view the current status of your subscription using the Manage the subscription link on the first page of my.ipspace.net

What is a compact workgroup subscription

A compact workgroup subscription gives you multiple copies of compact ipSpace.net subscription at a lower price point. Each workgroup user is able to select a different set of 10 regular webinars she's interested in.

The workgroup administrator user interface will also allow you to see which webinars the users selected.

How does the compact subscription work?

When you have a compact subscription, the list of webinars on the first page of my.ipspace.net reflects their state, and a message on the top of the screen tells you you're using an account with limited subscription.

  • Webinars with a checkmark are already included in your subscription;
  • Locked webinars have no content that you can watch without adding them to the subscription;
  • Webinars marked with a star are featured webinar - you will be able to watch select videos from those webinars to check whether you find them interesting;
  • Webinars with no indicator next to their name have at least some public content that you can watch without adding them to your subscription. They could be free or sponsored webinars, or we made parts of them public – for example, sections delivered by a guest speaker.

Once you click on a webinar name, you get the webinars contents, yet again with indicators (identical to the ones explained above) telling you whether you can access a particular video or PDF file or not. If you're trying to access a paid webinar that's not part of your compact subscription, the message on the top of the screen tells you how to add it to your subscription.

You can always access public parts of a paid webinar, but if you want to access the rest of the webinar (content with lock icon next to its name), you have to add the webinar to your subscription.

When you decide to add a webinar to your subscription, simply click the add webinar to your subscription link on the top of the page to open the ipSpace.net Subscription Management where you can confirm that you want to add a webinar to your subscription. Please note that this action is not reversible.

The ipSpace.net Subscription Management page also shows you:

  • How many webinars you can add to your subscription;
  • Which webinars you've already added to your subscription;
  • Which free/sponsored webinars you can access;

You can access that page at any time by clicking the Manage the subscription link in the Your user profile part of right-hand sidebar of almost any page on my.ipSpace.net.