ipSpace.net Workgroup Subscription: Frequently Asked Questions

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General questions

How do I manage my workgroup?

As a workgroup administrator log into my.ipspace.net using your email and password. You'll find the link to the workgroup management page at the top of the my.ipspace.net home page.

How big is my workgroup?

If you bought a custom workgroup package your workgroup has as many seats as you specified. If you bought one of the team products, your workgroup has the number of seats specified in the product description (for example, the Team Leader workgroup has 6 seats – team leader plus five members).

Why can't I see the workgroup materials?

The workgroup administrator doesn't have automatic access to materials available to the workgroup members. To get access to those materials, please add yourself as a regular user (see adding users and administrators).

What's the role of the team leader?

Team leader (in team products) is the default workgroup administrator. Other members of the team have access to subscription content but cannot manage the workgroup unless you promote them to be an administrator.

Even though the Team Leader and CxO subscriptions contains enough seats for the team and its leader, you have to add yourself as a workgroup member to get access to workgroup materials – see previous answer for details

Can my workgroup have multiple administrators?

Yes, each workgroup can have up to 3 administrators. They don't have to have access to the subscription content and thus don't have to count as workgroup members.

Can I manage multiple workgroups?

Yes. If you're an administrator of multiple workgroups, you'll get the list of workgroups you can manage at the top of the my.ipspace.net home page. Click on the workgroup name to manage it.

Adding users and administrators

How do I add new users?

You can add individual users from the Add users tab of your administrator interface. The users will automatically receive a confirmation email once you add them. If you don't want to add users individually, ask them to enroll themselves, and you'll just confirm their enrollment.

You'll find the detailed enrollment instructions in the confirmation email and in the Registration information section of the workgroup management page.

How do I confirm a user enrollment

After one or more users request enrollment (via self-enrolment process) you'll get an email informing you there are pending enrollment requests. You'll see the list of users waiting for your confirmation in the Active enrollment requests section of the workgroup management page.

Confirm individual users with the Confirm action or reject their enrollment request with the Reject action.

Why can't I add more users?

You might have exceeded your workgroup size. Check the number of seats in the workgroup and the number of active users in the Workgroup product(s) section of the workgroup management page.

How can I add more users?

You can remove some users from your workgroup, or contact us to increase the workgroup size.

How can I add another administrator?

  • Make the new user an administrator by adding them in the Manage administrators tab.
  • Optionally - if the new administrator is already a user in the workgroup: clicking the Make admin link in the Actions column and then remove the new administrator from the workgroup (thus releasing the seat) by clicking the Delete link in the Actions column. The new administrator will no longer be listed in the Current users table but will remain in the Current administrators table.
You need at least one available seat in your workgroup to proceed.

Managing existing subscribers

Can I add users that bought individual subscriptions to the workgroup?

Yes. The instructions are included in the confirmation email. Ask them to follow the instructions (clicking on a URL and entering a confirmation key after logging in) and they'll appear as new users waiting for workgroup enrollment in your workgroup management page. Confirm their request and they'll become part of the workgroup.

Why would I want to do that?

Adding existing subscribers to a workgroup would simplify the subscription renewal and give you an overview of their activity which you might need to justify the subscribtion at the renewal time.

How do I renew an individual subscription within a workgroup

When an individual subscription nears its expiration date you'll see a Renew link in the Actions column of the Current users table. Click that link to buy the subscription renewal.

I can't find the join the workgroup instructions

You could contact us or use this simple hack:

  • Take the auto-enroll URL from the workgroup management page
  • Replace the enroll text with join. The new URL should look like https://my.ipspace.net/bin/wg/join/something
  • Send the join URL together with the workgroup registration key to the existing subscriber.

Deleting users and administrator

How do I remove an enrollment request?

Click the Reject link next to the user information in the Active enrollment requests section of the workgroup management page.

How do I remove a workgroup user?

Click the Delete link next to the user information in the Current users table. The user's subscription record is deleted, and you get a free seat in your workgroup (an overview of the total number of seats and free seats is in the Workgroup products table). The user will get a notification email explaining why he no longer has access to ipSpace.net content.

How do I remove an individual subscription that joined the workgroup?

Click the Remove link next to the user information in the Current users table. The user is removed from the workgroup but retains access to ipSpace.net content till the individual subscription expires.

How do I remove a workgroup administrator?

Click the Remove link next to administrator information in the Current administrators table on the workgroup management page.

Removing an administrator doesn't remove the user from the workgroup. See How do I remove a workgroup user if you want to delete the user from the workgroup.

You cannot remove the last administrator; each workgroup must have at least one.


What reports can I get?

You can get reports on:

  • Most active users (based on the number of documents or videos they viewed);
  • Recent users (users that recently accessed the content);
  • Top webinars & ndash; webinars your users access most frequently;
  • Selected webinars (Compact subscription only) – webinars your users selected as part of their subscription package;
  • Recent webinars – webinars your users accessed recently;
  • Top content – most popular documents.
Users can stream or download the video content, so we don't know whether a user just downloaded the video or watched it, or how far she got into the video.

How do I find inactive users?

You could use the recent users report to see when individual users access ipSpace.net (the report includes users that never accessed the content) or the top users report to see which users hadn't accessed the content at all.