Vendor Briefing Instructions

We’re occasionally contacted by vendors (or their PR agencies) trying to pique our interest in their latest product, service or solution. We love hearing about new stuff, but we have some strict guidelines.

We believe in shipping products and public documentation. We’re not interested to hear what your vision is if it is not materialized in a shipping product. We don’t want to hear where you’ll be in a year. There are analyst firms out there interested in that sort of information (Gartner comes to mind), but we are not one of them.

What we love to hear is how your technology works in a shipping product, and how our customers could use it to solve their problems (not the problems vendors love to talk about). Oh, and we don’t believe in PowerPoint but in product documentation.

We consider public access to design guides and product documentation to be the ultimate goal, but we also understand if you’re not ready for that step yet… but if you cannot provide us product documentation with no strings attached (and no, we will not sign an NDA) then you’re obviously not yet at a stage where we could start considering how your offering could help our customers.

Please note that whitepapers are not product documentation. While whitepapers might be useful to get some of the nuances, we always start with product documentation.

Finally, we’re focusing on technology not visions or roadmaps. From this perspective it’s flattering to talk with founders and CEOs, but talking with engineers is useful, so we prefer the latter.

One last detail: we believe you're representing a networking vendor, and we firmly believe all networking vendors should be able to spell IPv6 in 2020. If we cannot reach your web site over IPv6 we consider that a huge red flag.

Still there? Please:

  • Send us a link to your product documentation;
  • If we find it interesting we’ll be in touch, and will have tons of questions for your engineers;

Finally, a day has only 24 hours, and there are so many other things to do, so we might not have the resources to properly evaluate your product, in which case we prefer not to do it rather than doing you a disservice.

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