Market trends in Service Provider networks

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Service Provider networks have experienced a turbulent transformation from legacy WAN technologies transported across ATM or SDH backbones to IP-only networks connecting Ethernet-over-fiber and high-speed mobile access technologies to IP-over-DWDM cores.


Business and technology drivers

Do you know why IP-only networks have replaced traditional multiservice backbones? What has caused ATM to fail? Why US Service Providers face the FCC Net Neutrality rules? This section describes the changes in user base, traffic patterns, competitive landscape and technologies that have forced the transformation in the Service Provider networks.

Transforming the core network

Why are modern Service Provider cores based on IP+MPLS transport? Is SDH still needed? Why are the vendors pushing IP-over-DWDM and optical switching solutions? Can MPLS offer redundancy features comparable to SDH? The Transforming the core network section describes the principles of the next-generation Service Provider core networks.

Making sense of MPLS services

Do you know the difference between VPLS and MPLS/VPN service? Which one is most appropriate for your customers? How can you decide which one to deploy? What are the benefits and drawbacks of each service type? This section describes new MPLS-based services usually offered over an IP+MPLS backbone, their benefits and drawbacks and helps you find the best fit between technology solutions and your customers’ needs.

Access network evolution

Why is Ethernet-over-fiber replacing DSL and Cable? Is Ethernet ready for large-scale Service Provider deployment? What caused the data traffic explosion in mobile networks? Why are weird technologies like EPON, GPON or RFoG deployed? How are the Service Providers using Deep Packet Inspection and traffic management? You’ll find the answers to these (and numerous other) questions in the Access network evolution section.

IPv6 deployment

You cannot escape this topic in a high-level Service Provider training; every Service Provider will be forced to offer IPv6 connectivity in the next years. This section describes the basics of IPv6, deployment scenarios and real-life issues you’ll encounter in your IPv6 deployment.

Target audience

The presentation is ideal for Service Provider account teams and sales engineers that have to understand the big picture: how buzzwords and technologies they hear about on a daily basis relate services delivered to their customers. It will also help engineers working in Service Provider environments that haven’t completed the migration to IP+MPLS-over-DWDM backbone to get ready and start planning for the next big upgrade.

If you’re an enterprise networking engineers, the presentation will give you a consistent overview of how Service Provider networks operate today and what your Service Provider suppliers are talking about.

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