Step Up Your Network Automation Game

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Nornir is a pluggable multi-threaded framework with inventory management that makes it easier to operate a collection of devices with tons of data than server-focused tools like Ansible. Nornir abstracts the complexity of dealing with data and multithreading so you can focus on solving your automation needs whichever they are.

In this webinar you will learn how easy it is to write Nornir code even if you're not proficient with Python, how easy it is to integrate with other frameworks like a flask or click, and how to leverage your text editor features for autocompletion, easy access to documentation, or even debugging and troubleshooting.

The second part of the webinar focuses on Nornir's internals and explains how to fully customize and extend Nornir by writing;

  1. An inventory plugin to connect to a custom inventory backend
  2. A processor to stream events so we can observe the system
  3. A runner that will allow us to define how to safely deploy changes to the network given our own business requirements
  4. A task that will operate on our network
  5. An integration between nornir and flask

Finally, we will put all the pieces together and very easily build our own fully customized network orchestrator.


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The Author

David BarrosoDavid Barroso is Network Systems Engineer at Fastly, a real-time CDN, where he focuses on network architecture, SDN and automation. Previously he has been working for companies like NTT Communications and Spotify. He's the author of SDN Internet Router and co-author of NAPALM, a network automation abstraction library. His everyday life involves a lot of coding, hacking network equipment, using protocols in ways they weren't originally intended for and taking all the steps necessary to make sure network engineers stay away from the CLI.

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