OpenFlow and Software Defined Networking

Are you a Network Architect or Designer? Are you responsible for strategy, long term vision, or simply keeping track of upcoming technologies? If so, you need to know more about OpenFlow and Software Defined Networking.

This session is designed to introduce to you to both OpenFlow and Software Defined Networking. Even though OpenFlow is still an early stages technology, this session will consider what we know about OpenFlow today by explaining the technology from the bottom up. Then we consider OpenFlow controllers and their evolution into Software Defined Networking.

There has been a lot of interest about OpenFlow recently in the press and at the Packet Pushers but there is not a lot of information about OpenFlow, how it works, and what it can be used for. Also important is the companion technology known as Software Defined Networking, which will most likely be the next wave in Network Management and Network Control.

At the end of the webinar, you should have insight into OpenFlow and the diverged future of networking infrastructure.


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The webinar will help you to answer these questions:

  • What is OpenFlow ?
  • What are the key features of OpenFlow?
  • What is controller based networking?
  • Key criteria for OpenFlow designs. The good and bad.
  • Is it really flow-based? How do those rules work?
  • The impact of wildcard matching.
  • What does OpenFlow do for my network designs and architectures?
  • Switching, routing, wireless, 3G - all open to change.
  • Does OpenFlow interoperate or replace my current network?
  • What is Software Defined Networking (SDN)?
  • What are some sample use cases for deploying the technology?
  • Can OpenFlow/SDN scale to meet large networks?
  • Options in SDN controller designs as a Management tool?
  • Can SDN controllers be reliable and resilient?
  • OpenFlow has early support from the major vendors, what should I be looking at?

Target Audience

If you are a Network Architect, Designer or Sales Engineer you will need to have some knowledge of OpenFlow for strategy and planning. This session aims to provide you with a solid grounding the technology and the opportunities of Software Defined Networking in the next five years.

About the Author


Greg Ferro is a Network Architect and Engineer since mid 1990's and worked in both Australasia and UK for a wide range of companies including finance, online/dotcom business and Service Providers. He is CCIE#6920 and also experienced in a wide range of application & security technologies.

He is the author of well-known blog and the host of the popular Packet Pushers Podcast.