PCEP and BGP-LS Deep Dive

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SDN in the WAN is becoming increasingly popular. In this scheme, a centralized real-time traffic-engineering controller makes decisions about the paths that traffic takes through the network.

In this webinar, we concentrate on two of the key enabling protocols: BGP-LS and PCEP. We describe how BGP-LS is used to convey topology and TE link-state information to the controller, thus giving the controller real-time visibility of the network. We also describe how PCEP is used to allow reporting of LSP status, and how it allows for the creation, deletion and modification of TE LSPs.

The webinar covers both the functionality of the protocols and the underlying nuts-and-bolts.


This webinar is part of Software Defined Networking (SDN) roadmap and accessible with standard subscription

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About the webinar

Very interesting and comprehensive which leads to verify that two full hours might be a little hard to be able to catch up with so much useful content that both answers and raises so many other questions (mainly related to design considerations).

A very interesting and actual topic covered by a very authoritative presenter
Very Interesting
High level speaker and outstanding "helper" (Ivan).
Tiziano Tofoni
good overview of the technology. Some options might have been better highlighted on when to use PCC initiated or PCE initiated LSPs + vendor landscape as to who does what. I know the latter is not easy but it gives a good view of what is available in the market
Wim Henderickx
it was a rare and valuable opportunity to learn this subject.
Tamihiro Yuzawa
I would tell my colleagues, "Without wasting another moment, just watch this webinar. Learn networking from The Master."
Mandar Kashelikar
Good explanation of basic PCEP and BGP-LS concepts.
Andraž Piletič
Cutting edge
Martin Isaksen
Julian Lucek is an expert in this topic, and articulates the topic extremely well.
Alan Gravett

About the instructor

Outstanding person.
Tiziano Tofoni

About the materials

A little balance on the vendor landscape would be good + which technology options would we use when
Wim Henderickx
Hoping to see more content about this and related topics (SR).
Andraž Piletič

About the Author

Julian LucekJulian Lucek is a Distinguished Systems Engineer at Juniper Networks, where he has been working with many operators on the design and evolution of their networks.

Before joining Juniper Networks in 1999, he worked at BT for several years, at first in the Photonics Research Department and later in the data transport and routing area. During this time he gained a PhD in ultrahigh-speed optical transmission and processing from Cambridge University.

He is the holder of several patents in the area of communications technology, has a Master's degree in Physics from Cambridge University and holds Juniper Networks Certified Internet Expert (JNCIE) certification number 21. He is co-author of the book "MPLS-Enabled Applications: Emerging Developments and New Technologies", by Ina Minei and Julian Lucek. The book is now in its third edition.

Target audience

Network Engineers and Architects deploying traffic-engineering controllers who are interested in the underlying protocol machinery.

Prerequisite knowledge

Basic familiarity with traffic engineering, BGP and SDN. You might want to listen to Software Gone Wild Episode 43 before attending this podcast.