Transport and Network Security Primer

This webinar will help you grasp the principles and mechanisms you can use to secure your network and transport infrastructure. We'll discuss securing layer 4 (TCP/UDP with TLS), layer 3 (IP with IPSec), layer 2 (Ethernet) and layer 1 (OTN). We'll also focus on specific requirements for Managed Security Services and Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN), and oft-ignored topics like pairwise and group key management.


Christoph JaggiChristoph Jaggi is specialized in digitization, IT and marketing, with a special focus on security. He is the author of several publications covering layer 2 encryption and secure multi-site connectivity. Other publications cover fintech, insurtech, marketing and specific information technologies. As a consultant he advises a diverse international clientele, from SME to large corporate customers across different industries.

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