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Most engineers consider explosive traffic growth and widespread use of mobile devices the most critical threats to the stability of the global Internet. They are not wrong: widespread use of mobile devices will force us to deploy IPv6 and the whole industry ill-prepared for the transition.

Unfortunately, the problems we’re facing are way deeper. TCP/IP stack has broken architecture that’s almost impossible to change and causes explosion in global routing tables. BGP, the cornerstone of global routing, lacks security features ... and the commercial realities of the Internet make it almost impossible to enforce changes that would be badly needed.

The Upcoming Internet Challenges webinar is a one-time event during which you’ll get a concise overview of some of the challenges the global Internet is facing today.


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Prerequisite knowledge

The webinar relies on basic-to-intermediate knowledge of IP addressing, IP routing architectures, TCP/IP protocol stack and the role BGP plays in the Internet. In-depth understanding of any of the aforementioned technologies is required, but you’ll definitely benefit from a prior exposure to them.

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Ivan PepelnjakIvan Pepelnjak (CCIE#1354 Emeritus) has been designing, deploying, operating and troubleshooting IP-based enterprise and service provider networks since 1990. He’s the author of EIGRP and MPLS books published by Cisco Press, numerous articles and highly praised webinars, including Building Large IPv6 Service Provider Networks, IPv6 Security and IPv6 Transition Mechanisms.

His blog, where you'll find numerous data center- and IPv6-related articles, is usually considered one of the best technology-focused internetworking blogs.

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