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Introduction to Containers and Docker

9 April 2020

This webinar will introduce you to Docker - why everyone's talking about it, what makes it so useful, and how developers and operators use it to improve their workflows. Attendees of this webinar will receive not only a high-level overview of Docker concepts and terminology, but a few practical examples that empower them to use Docker for their own projects immediately.

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Network Automation Tools Update

16 April 2020

This webinar describes when and how to use typical open-source network automation tools: Puppet, Ansible, Git, Gerrit and Jenkins.

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ASICs for Network Engineers

23 April 2020

The webinar describes the data center networking requirements and various approaches to data center fabric networks. It includes in-depth analysis of fabric architectures used by major data center networking vendor and compares their scalability and ease-of-use.

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Comparing Routing and Bridging

28 April 2020

In this live session we'll compare bridging, routing, and so-called "routing at layer 2", focusing on their forwarding paradigms, stability, and security. We'll also touch on routing protocols, identify what they need to do, and what the major differences between distance-vector and link-state routing protocols are.

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A Lean Start Into Network Automation

18 June 2020

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Network and Security Automation with Ansible

7 September 2020

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