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Cisco ACI Deep Dive: An Overview of Cisco ACI Pillars

29 September 2020

This webinar covers advanced Cisco ACI topics from infrastructure components and protocols to managed objects, VMM integration, and automation... not from a merely theoretical point of view, but from a perspective of a networking engineer with hands-on ACI design, installation and deployment experience.

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Graph Algorithms in Networks: Tree, Path, and Center Problems

20 October 2020

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Building Network Automation Solutions Autumn 2020

4 November 2020

Build your own network automation solution during this 9-module high-intensity interactive online course.

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AWS Networking 2020 Update

Autumn 2020

The first live session in AWS Networking 2020 Update series will cover local zones, AWS Outposts, Bring-Your-Own-Address functionality, VPC Traffic Mirroring, Managed Prefix Lists, VPC Ingress Routing, and enhanced Transit Gateway connectivity including inter-region peering.

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New NSX-T 3.0 Features

Autumn 2020

The NSX Deep Dive Autumn 2020 update sessions will describe new NSX-T features including NSX federation, VRF Lite, EVPN, and IP multicast.

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Routing Protocols Deep Dive

Winter 2020

After describing the basics of routing protocols, we'll dive deep into advanced features like equal- and unequal-cost multipathing, fate sharing, fast converge and loop-free alternates.

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