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Public Cloud Networking Introduction

3 March 2021

The original Cloud Computing 101 webinar focused on compute, storage, and security aspects of public clouds. In this session we'll discover the basics of public cloud networking and explore why it's so different from the typical enterprise data center networking.

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Routing Protocol Design in Leaf-and-Spine Fabrics

11 March 2021

There are many assumptions and myths around the choice of a routing protocol that can be used in constructing routing paths in a richly meshed topology such as a leaf-and-spine (Clos) topology. Many think BGP is the only logical choice, others believe a link state protocol is the best choice. We explored BGP in the previous section, this section focuses on using OSPF in Clos topologies.

Few people have been willing to explore Clos topologies beyond the classical 2-tier leaf-spine topology. In the second part of this section, we'll explore the nuances of routing protocol choices and designs in 3-tier Clos topologies.

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Reliability Theory: Monte Carlo Simulation

30 March 2021

This webinar will hone in on one particular method of estimating the reliability of complex networks — Monte Carlo simulation.

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Data Models and Data Stores (Part 2)

Spring 2021

In the second live session of the Network Automation Concepts webinar we'll focus on practical aspects of data model transformations, and discuss data definition languages, data representation, and data stores.

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