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IPv6 security in enterprise networks - Part 2

30 January 2020

This webinar describes the major IPv6 security challenges (including layer-2 attacks, DoS attacks, eavesdropping and session hijacking), the countermeasures you can take, and Cisco IOS features that can help you build secure IPv6 infrastructure.

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Network Automation Use Cases: Managing and Using Secrets

4 February 2020

This webinar describes several real-life network automation use cases including abstracted network state, automated IPv6 deployments, and automated deployment of data center fabrics.

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Automating Azure Deployments

6 February 2020

This webinar will help demystify the networking aspects of Microsoft Azure. We'll start with the high-level concepts, cover security aspects, and conclude with complex routing and hybrid cloud implementations.

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Networking in Public Cloud Deployments (Spring 2020)

11 February 2020

Master the intricacies of networking, network security, and network services in public, hybrid and multi-cloud cloud deployments with this high-intensity interactive online course.

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Cisco SD-WAN Foundations and Design Aspects

13 February 2020

This webinar provides an introduction to the Cisco SD-WAN solution (formerly Viptela). We will start with the fundamentals of Cisco SD-WAN, its components and principles of operation, discuss its advantages and limitations, and clarify possible doubts and misconceptions.

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Upcoming Internet Challenges - a Decade Later

19 March 2020

A short webinar describing major challenges Internet will face in the next few years, from exponential traffic growth to IPv4 address exhaustion, explosive routing table growth and lack of trustable global routing.

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Introduction to Containers and Docker

9 April 2020

This webinar will introduce you to Docker - why everyone's talking about it, what makes it so useful, and how developers and operators use it to improve their workflows. Attendees of this webinar will receive not only a high-level overview of Docker concepts and terminology, but a few practical examples that empower them to use Docker for their own projects immediately.

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