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Should Service Providers Offer Managed SD-WAN Services?

30 November 2021

In another short session of Business Aspects of Networking webinar we'll focus on an interesting topic: does it make sense for traditional Service Providers to offer SD-WAN services? As always, we'll have fun figuring out all the things that could possibly go wrong (and often do).

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Fast Failover (PIC, FRR, LFA, TI-LFA)

Winter 2021

We'll continue our deep dive into advanced routing protocol topics in the next session of How Networks Really Work webinar, this time focusing on fast failover techniques: Prefix Independent Convergence (PIC), Fast Reroute (FRR), Loop-Free Alternate (LFA) and Topology Independent Loop Free Alternate (TI-LFA).

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VXLAN and Geneve Technical Deep Dive

Winter 2022

The original VXLAN Technical Deep Dive webinar was created in 2015, and while the technology and the concepts haven't changed in the meantime, we've seen new solutions using VXLAN and Geneve, and lost numerous products to the inevitable clash with reality. This is the first live session of the totally rewritten webinar focusing on VXLAN/Geneve state as of late 2021.

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Intent-Based Networking

Winter 2022

In the next session of Network Automation Concepts webinar we'll focus on Intent-Based Networking. We'll rely heavily on Single Source of Truth and Infrastructure-as-Code concepts, so make sure to master those parts of the webinar before attending the live session.

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Microsoft Azure Firewall

Winter 2022

This short live session will describe the details of Azure Firewall (and whatever other exciting networking-related services Azure will launch in the meantime).

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Update: Introduction to Virtualized Networking

Spring 2022

In a much-needed update of the Introduction to Virtual Networking webinar we'll do a thorough cleanup of the graveyard of obsolete technologies (Cisco Nexus 1000v, VM-FEX, VM tracing solutions, EVB, Cisco VSG) and add a few new buzzwords like container networking, smart NICs, eBPF and XDP.

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