Load Balancing and Scale-Out Application Architectures

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Load balancing is an integral part of every scale-out application architecture. This webinar will help you select the best load balancing options for your applications – be it application-based load balancing (the webinar covers typical web application architectures) or network-based load balancing using NAT, Application Delivery Controllers, and other network-layer mechanisms.

This webinar is an update session for the Data Center 3.0 webinar – you’ll get immediate access to all materials of the Data Center 3.0 webinar after buying its recording.


You can also get recording of Data Center 3.0 webinar and this update session as part of Data Center trilogy.


This update session covers the following load balancing mechanisms:

Application-level load balancing: worker processes, event-based web servers, FastCGI offload, caching servers and reverse proxies, database sharding and replicas.

Network-based load balancing: local and global anycasting, local and global DNS load balancing, and load balancers operating in transparent mode, source-NAT mode and direct server return.

Application delivery controller features including session stickiness, TCP parameter adjustment, permanent HTTP sessions, SSL offload, and inter-protocol gateways (SPDY-to-HTTP).


The webinar does not address device configurations or other low-level technical details. We can cover these details in a follow-up discussion during the on-site delivery or you could attend in-depth technology-specific webinars as they become available.

Target Audience

The Data Center 3.0 webinar is ideal for IT managers and networking engineers that have to understand the big picture: how the Data Center buzzwords and technologies they hear about relate to reduced costs and increased availability of their Data Center services. It will also help engineers with networking or programming background understand the architectural options and solutions used in modern Data Centers.

Delivery Format

The Load Balancing and Scale-Out Application Architectures is a 2-hour fast-pacing technical presentation. You can register for the on-line webinar immediately; we can also organize an on-site event, where the topics of this presentation are combined with in-depth discussion of other Data Center-related design or implementation topics that apply to your network.

When attending the on-line webinar, you’ll get immediate access to all the materials of the Data Center 3.0 webinar. A PDF copy of the presentation materials will be available a few days before the live session, giving you plenty of time to study the materials and prepare potential questions. Downloadable MP4 recordings will be available 48 hours after the live session.

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Great webinar from @ioshints on load Balancing scale out application architecture! leverage the cattle rather than the kitties approach
Just wrapped up @ioshints webminar on load balancing. HIGHLY recommended as broad view into multidisciplinary topic.


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