Buying Products: Frequently Asked Questions

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Will I get a receipt for my credit card transaction?

Yes. When paying with a credit card you get an automatically-generated receipt, which is good enough for 99.9% of the buyers. If your accounting needs an invoice, please contact us after receiving the receipt.

Can you put my Tax/VAT ID on the receipt/invoice?

Absolutely. Tax/VAT ID is one of the optional items you can enter when paying with a credit card or bank transfer. If you enter it, we’ll add it to the receipt/invoice.

Can I pay with a bank transfer?

Yes, assuming the amount is greater than $149.

Obviously you’ll need bank (wire) transfer details. Generate a quote or proforma invoice:

  • Select the desired option from the Checkout screen;
  • Fill in your details.
  • We’ll send you a document that will contain all the details, including the reference# to specify on the payment.

In many cases you’ll get the requested document automatically, sometimes we’ll have to do it manually, and it might take a few business days to get back to you.

Quote or proforma invoice? We don’t care, and neither should you, but some accountants prefer one over the other, so we have both options.

Can I pay in Euros or Swiss Francs?

Yes, if you decide to do a bank transfer. All credit card transactions are in USD.

Proforma invoice currency is automatically set to EUR or CHF based on your country.

If you’re in Single Euro Payment Area (SEPA), please don’t try to optimize your payment by paying in USD. Bank transfer costs will quickly exceed any potential savings.

My accounting needs an invoice

If you’re paying with a credit card, see “Will I get a receipt for my credit card transaction?

If you’re paying with a bank transfer:

  • Create a quote/proforma invoice;
  • Do the bank transfer;
  • We’ll send you the final invoice once we receive your payment.

I have to raise a Purchase Order

Please don’t. Seriously. Let’s keep things simple (assuming you can’t use a credit card):

  • Generate a quote or proforma invoice;
  • Do the wire transfer;
  • You’ll get the digital product as soon as we get the payment;
  • We’ll send you the final invoice at the same time.

Generating a purchase order will just significantly prolong the process.

My purchasing department needs your details

Here’s a collection of every possible detail anyone ever asked for. I hope your purchasing department will find what they need in there, otherwise please contact me.