Subscription webinar subscription

Annual subscription is the most cost-effective option for engineers planning to attend or view numerous to webinars. It includes:

What should you buy:

More details

How long is it valid? 12 months from the day of purchase
What’s included?
  • Free attendance at all live webinar sessions during the subscription period.
  • Immediate unlimited access (for the duration of the subscription) to materials and downloadable videos of all webinars ever delivered (check the list of materials).
  • Auxiliary materials, for example router configurations, Recommended Reading lists, or Frequently Asked Questions (list of all available materials).
  • Additional documents like ExpertExpress Case Studies;
  • Priority access to sold-out webinars, allowing you to register at any time before the webinar starts.
How much does it cost? $199
How many people can use it? webinar subscription is an individual subscription, but you can use it like a book. Check out the workgroup subscriptions if you'd like to give access to webinars to your whole team.
How can I buy it?
Upgrade You can also upgrade to yearly subscription if you bought a webinar ticket or a recording in the past.
How does it work? Yearly subscription ticket gives you access to the Webinar Management System, from which you’ll be able to download all webinar materials and videos, or register for live sessions.
How do I register for additional webinars? Registration for the first webinar is automatic if you decide to buy the yearly subscription ticket. You can register for all subsequent webinars through the Webinar Management System.