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7 March 2017

Ansible Updates

The Ansible Updates series of webinars is a hands-on deep dive into Ansible networking modules, Jinja2 templates and YAML.

30 March 2017

Building Next-Generation Data Center (Online course)

6-week high-intensity interactive online course

6 April 2017

Networking in Private and Public Clouds (Workshop)

This half-day workshop describes the networking requirements of various cloud services (from infrastructure virtualization to software-as-a-service solutions)

9 May 2017

Open Networking for Large-Scale Networks

This webinar will cover the design components involved in building a data center or cloud fabric using a single, disaggregated device—the way some hyperscale and web scale operators build their networks.

15 September 2017

Building Network Automation Solutions (Online course)

Build your own network automation solution during this 6-week high-intensity interactive online course.

All live online sessions are delivered in a GoToWebinar virtual classroom with Voice-over-IP audio.

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