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6 April 2017

Networking in Private and Public Clouds (Workshop)

This half-day workshop describes the networking requirements of various cloud services (from infrastructure virtualization to software-as-a-service solutions)

3 May 2017

Sizing the Network

More details coming soon.

9 May 2017

Open Networking for Large-Scale Networks

This webinar will cover the design components involved in building a data center or cloud fabric using a single, disaggregated device—the way some hyperscale and web scale operators build their networks.

16 May 2017

VMware NSX, Cisco ACI or Standard-Based EVPN (Workshop)

Are you building a new data center fabric? Trying to decide whether to use VMware NSX or Cisco ACI? How about EVPN? This fast-paced half-day workshop will help you select the best option for your environment.

23 May 2017

Ansible Updates

The Ansible Updates series of webinars is a hands-on deep dive into Ansible networking modules, Jinja2 templates and YAML.

7 June 2017

Network Visibility with Flow Data

This webinar will answer all of your flow data questions. What you can do with it, how to collect it, how you can store or view it.

15 September 2017

Building Network Automation Solutions (Online course)

Build your own network automation solution during this 6-week high-intensity interactive online course.

All live online sessions are delivered in a GoToWebinar virtual classroom with Voice-over-IP audio.

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