Vendors Subscriptions for Networking Vendors

Networking vendors use subscription to give their engineers (including Systems, Technical Marketing and Customer Support Engineers) a vendor-neutral insight into emerging networking technologies and solutions including Software Defined Networking, network automation, large-scale data center fabrics and virtualization, network infrastructure for cloud computing, and IPv6. Vendor engineers also appreciate augmenting their internal marketing messages with an unbiased outside view to help them position their products or solutions, or prepare them for competitive situations.

Michael Rozhavsky, Director of Software Engineering at Ericsson
As a director of software engineering, staying up to speed on technology is very important for me. Your webinars help me to stay current with very relevant technology. I like that you focus a lot on "why" question and spend less time on bits and bolts which are left to deep dive sessions. I also find it very useful that you always point out on potential problems with scale, performance and failure domain.
Richard Wray, Senior Director, Consultant Engineering & Operations EMEA at Arbor Networks
We appreciate the way your training sessions are structured: they start with a problem statement, continue with a technology overview and then go deep down into the details. You always demonstrate a fair, precise and skeptical (in a good sense) approach when evaluating any emerging protocol or architecture. We recommend subscribing to to any network or security engineer, who would like to stay on top of new developments and get a clear and independent picture, but does not have time to read through all the source materials.

If you're a smaller vendor, consider one of the team subscription product which include an online consulting session. For larger groups explore the workgroup options detailed below:


$130 – $199 /user

15 free webinars (list)

128 free videos (24 hours)

10 user-selectable paid webinars for each user

Downloadable videos of selected webinars


$195 – $299 /user

59 webinars (list)

905 downloadable videos

164 hours of downloadable content (list)

Unlimited live webinar sessions

9 workshop student notes

3 digital books

13 case studies

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