VMware Networking Deep Dive

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Created by Scott Lowe, a renowned virtualization guru, and Ivan Pepelnjak, an internetworking expert, the VMware Networing Deep Dive webinar explains the details of VMware networking, the design and deployment principles and the benefits and drawbacks of advanced technologies like vShield series of products, Virtual Security Gateway from Cisco and vCloud Director Networking Infrastructure.

This webinar is being replaced by vSphere 6 Networking Deep Dive webinar


The webinar covers the following topics:

  • VMware networking refresher;
  • Impact of live VM migration (vMotion) on the network infrastructure;
  • Network-side VM isolation;
  • Virtualized firewalls: vShield Zones/App and Virtual Security Gateway;
  • Virtualized network appliances: vShield Edge;
  • vCloud Director Networking Infrastructure

Happy Campers

Feedback from the attendees

Really liked that you sum up pros and cons for different solutions in the slides, and also recommend certain solutions. This gives me a nice reference to use afterwards, when talking to upper management and server admins.

I took this course to get arguments for investing in Cisco Nexus1000v, and you helped me out with a lot of great arguments for doing that. Keep up with these great webinars
Asbjørn Setekleiv
I appreciate your detailed explanation. Although virtual server access networking seems to be complicated, this webinar makes clear the design of the networking.
Yukio Ogawa
This session clears many things up. Sometimes not exactly easy to catch on, if you consider anything below layer 3 a bit abstract. People from networking side definitely benefit from knowing what's under the hood and if it helps cooperation with server people, even better.

I work for an SP, but we manage customer's LAN devices as part of their outsourcing contracts. As the "cloud" things goes everywhere now, it stops being traditional catalyst switches only. (In fact, we have to figure out how to deal with administrative things like provisioning, documenting or billing of virtual switch instances and per-port changes because of all this things going virtual but that's another story ...)
Alexandra Stanovska
On a very few slides if we lose your explanation (e.g. flowing your cursor) it was a bit hard to come back and by just looking at the diagram to understand the flow of data (e.g. slide 65 HP TippingPoint vController). Not a big problem since we are able to go back and review the recording... but maybe some numbered arrows could help out in a quick glance.
Rodrigo Curado


Webinar was actually better than I expected, and I had read the slides before hand! Lot's to learn in the virtualisation!
... BTW, I've NEVER (happily) sat thru a 3+ hr webinar. Except yours. Well done.

About the Authors

Scott LoweScott Lowe is a well-known author, blogger, speaker, podcaster (the Full Stack Journey podcast), and a 20+ year veteran of the IT industry. Scott has held a variety of roles over the course of his career, ranging from entry-level desktop support to CTO for a small start-up. He's currently an engineering architect on the NSX team at VMware, Inc., focusing on network virtualization, cloud computing, and related open source projects.

More about Scott…

Ivan PepelnjakIvan Pepelnjak, CCIE#1354 Emeritus, is an independent network architect, book author, blogger and regular speaker at industry events like Interop, RIPE and regional NOG meetings. He has been designing and implementing large-scale service provider and enterprise networks since 1990, and is currently using his expertise to help multinational enterprises and large cloud- and service providers design next-generation data center and cloud infrastructure using Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) approaches and technologies.

Ivan is the author of several books covering data center technologies, highly praised webinars, and dozens of data center and cloud-related technical articles published on his blog.

More about Ivan Pepelnjak

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