Webinars/Delivery details

When you register for one of ipSpace.net webinars, you get:

Webinar materials in PDF format

Every webinar is delivered with help of high-quality animated slides. After registering for a webinar, you’ll be able to download a watermarked PDF version of the webinar materials.

Some webinars include additional documentation, for example, a recommended reading list or a constantly-expanding Frequently Asked Questions document (see the complete list of webinar materials).

Immediate access to current materials and past recordings

All live webinar sessions are recorded on GoToWebinar server. The recordings of all past sessions and current PDF materials are available to attendees immediately after registration through the on-line Webinar Management System. Most recordings are available in downloadable MP4 format (check the list of materials for details).

When you’re attending the first session of a new webinar, the past recordings are obviously not available. You can still download draft materials that are uploaded weekly during the development process.

Webinar materials are constantly upgraded, revised and amended. The latest copy of the materials is uploaded to the Webinar Management System at least two days before the session starts (see the complete list of webinar materials).

The materials and past recordings can be used by attendees of live webinar sessions to prepare their questions in advance. The attendees can also ask questions prior to the live session if they need answer before the session start.

Live interactive session in a virtual classroom

Webinars are delivered in a GoToWebinar classroom using one-way Voice-over-IP voice conferencing solution with dial-in capabilities. During the live session, you’ll be able to ask questions at any time; most of them are answered (sometimes with extensive explanation) immediately, during a break or after the presentation. Sometimes you’ll receive answers to in-depth questions in a follow-up e-mail or as part of an updated Frequently Asked Questions document.

All you need to attend a live session is a working web browser (do check the system requirements - GoToWebinar does not support Linux). Depending on the actual platform used, you might need Java or a custom applet downloaded from the provider's web server.

Please check the GoToWebinar system requirements well before the session starts and prepare for the live session. You’ll be able to enter the classroom at least 20 minutes prior to the start of the session; you might want to be early if you use a rare operating system.

According to GoToWebinar support documentation, you need an Internet connection with at least 80 kbps spare downstream bandwidth; 256 kbps will make the experience more enjoyable.

You might also want to review GoToWebinar traffic flow requirements if your organization runs a tightly-controlled firewall

Recording of your virtual classroom session

All webinars are recorded; recordings are made available to all the attendees within 24 hours after the live webinar session.

Webinar recordings are video recordings with animated slides, add-on drawings made during the live session and audio from the presenter. All webinars recorded after 2011 are available as downloadable MP4 videos, some older webinars are available as downloadable WebEx recordings in ARF format. When in doubt, check the list of webinar materials (available as a link in the right-hand sidebar of webinar description page).

Complete sets of sample router configurations

Some webinars include complete tested sets of router configurations. The configurations are downloaded in a gzipped TAR archive; configurations for each scenario are in a separate folder. Each folder also contains a diagram of the logical topology used in the scenario (you can find out the webinars that include router configurations in the complete list of webinar materials).

Frequently Asked Questions document

Some webinars include a Frequently Asked Questions document. This document is updated after each session to include questions asked by the attendees during the session. New versions of this document are automatically available to attendees of past sessions.

Updates to the webinar materials

You’ll be able to access new recordings and updated materials for the webinar you’ve attended for 12 months after your registration date.

Updated materials and recordings of new sessions are automatically available to you in the on-line Webinar Management System.