About ipSpace.net

ipSpace.net is a boutique Swiss training and consulting company focused on helping networking engineers, architects and designers understand the benefits, drawbacks and real value of emerging networking technologies. In the era of ‘everything software defined’, engineers require proven skills to embrace all aspects of this technology. We deliver that. Using online and classroom methods, ipSpace is at the forefront of education services for Software-Defined and Intent-Based Networking, Software Defined Data Centers and Cloud Networking, as well as Network Automation and Network-Infrastructure-as-Code.

We cut through the fog of exaggerated vendor hype and claims to bring you a realistic view on these emerging technologies, explaining how and where to use them, so you can build better and highly reliable networks.

We'll help you master new technologies faster with on-demand training and other online content, ranging from free podcast and blog posts to comprehensive online courses. We also acknowledge the benefits of classroom training and occasionally run open-enrollment workshops.

A large portion of our content is created by leading industry experts from a wide range of areas, from compute, virtualization and storage to cloud, security, and automation.

We firmly believe that a good engineer should master technology fundamentals, design or implement solutions that bring value to their users, understanding the environment in which these solutions are used. Our content always covers more than just networking and we went a step further with our Networking Fundamentals project; a series of webinars covering the foundations of networking technologies, the mathematical underpinning of networking and soft skills every engineer needs.