Author:Dan Backman

Dan Backman
Dan Backman has been in the networking industry since 1996 and currently works as a Solutions Architect at Plexxi, where he focuses on datacenter deployments as well as network integration and scaling. Dan specializes in designing and deploying large, inter-datacenter MPLS networks for large financials and utilities, and he holds JNCIEs for both service provider and enterprise. Dan joined Plexxi from Juniper Networks where he held roles as a consulting engineer, systems engineer, and most recently a technology strategist.

Dan has taken a unique path through networking, starting with a Broadcast Journalism background and then working as a Technology Editor with Network Computing Magazine before eventually transitioning to vendor roles with Extreme, Juniper, and now Plexxi. Dan boasts a ton of customer experience, and is a somewhat begrudging member of the United 1M Miles Club.

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