Building Network Automation Solutions

New edition: Autumn 2020

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Sample Network Automation Solutions » Building Network Automation Solutions » Sample Network Automation Solutions

Network engineers attending the Building Network Automation Solutions online course created hundreds of solutions. Some of the more interesting or creative ones are collected on this page. You might also want to watch the Real-Life Automation Wins part of the Network Automation Use Case webinar.

Simple Reports

Network Diagrams

Troubleshooting Scripts

Configuration Consistency

Infrastructure or Service Deployment

Multi-Platform Deployments

Continuous Integration and Deployment

Complete Automation Solutions

Even More Interesting Solutions

You might also want to check these solutions described by network automation course guest speakers:

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  • 9 modules
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  • Hands-on experience working on a solution to your own problem
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  • Design and coding assignments
  • Strong Slack-based support from your peers, Ivan Pepelnjak, and past and current guest speakers
  • Final course completion certificate.

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