About Software Gone Wild

Software Gone Wild is a vendor-independent podcast focused on real-life Software Defined Networking (SDN) solutions and related technologies and architectures, including Network Function Virtualization (NFV), Software-Defined Data Centers (SDDC), cloud computing and network programmability.

The podcast is published approximately once a month on ipSpace.net.

Podcast hosts

Why do we need another podcast?

Networking vendors promote their SDN/NFV/SDDC solutions as revolutionary inventions, conveniently forgetting that smart network engineers programmed and orchestrated their networks, or automatically provisioned network services for the last 20 years. These solutions are field-tested and have been in production use for years (contrary to some of the emerging vendor-promoted technologies), and yet nobody talks about them.

The authors of this podcast try to uncover these hidden gems, give their authors/users some additional exposure, and help the listeners understand the challenges they might face when implementing a network automation/orchestration solution.

If you have a solution – be it home-grown, adaptation of an existing solution, or just a smart use of existing products – don’t hesitate to contact us; we’d definitely like to hear from you.

Are vendors welcome?

Absolutely. If you have a product or a solution that is ready to be deployed in a production network (or even better, is already in production use), and are willing to talk about the technical details and design/implementation challenges instead of market positioning and whitepaper-level claims, you’re most welcome – contact us.

What can I expect to hear on the podcast?

Early guests included Luke Gorrie, author of open-source virtual switch, David Barosso, network architect @ Spotify, Paolo Lucente, author of pmacct (an open-source Netflow collector), Elisa Jasinska, network toolsmith @ Netflix, and numerous other networking engineers with hands-on network automation experience.

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