Sizing the Network

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Have you ever needed to size a network link but were at a loss for how much bandwidth to allocate? Yes, we have too. There aren't any simple algorithms to determine link bandwidth sizing. The result is that links are often grossly over-capacity, which wastes money.

We are going to talk about methods of determining link utilization and link sizing. Some of the discussion will be about how transport protocols work and how to look for and measure link congestion. There will also be some examples of congestion we've seen, the analysis in each case, and the resulting solution.


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Terry SlatteryTerrance Slattery is a Principal Architect at NetCraftsmen, an advanced network consulting firm that specializes in high-profile and challenging network consulting jobs. Terry is currently working on network management, SDN, business strategy consulting, and interesting legal cases.

He is the founder of Netcordia, inventor of NetMRI, has been a successful technology innovator in networking during the past 20 years, and is co-inventor on two patents. He has a long history of network consulting and design work, including some of the first Cisco consulting and training. As a consultant to Cisco, he led the development of the current Cisco IOS command line interface. Prior to Netcordia, Terry founded Chesapeake Computer Consultants, which became a Cisco premier training and consulting partner. At Chesapeake, he co-invented and patented the v-LAB system to provide hands-on access to real hardware for the hands-on component of internetwork training classes.

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About the webinar

The case studies are really interesting, partcularly the "Storage 10G to 1G" one. One of my customers is facing a similar issue, and I am now able to explain what is going on :)

Jean-Baptiste Broguiere
Once again, solid information from the practical reality by experienced speaker.
Daan van de Linde
Really enjoyed the way Terry explained complex concepts in such simple way
Ruben Tripiana
Lots of good insights.
Erik Auerswald