Network Automation with Ansible for Undergraduate Students

Are you interested in computer networking? Already considered attending Cisco Networking Academy or a similar program? Want to get fluent with the hottest networking topic today – network automation?

Here’s how you can start that journey: apply for a free seat in the Ansible for Networking Engineers self-paced online course before October 1st 2018.

Never heard of Ansible? It’s long been one of the popular system administration tools used by organizations like Twitter, Evernote, GoPro or NASA. In recent years Ansible became the most popular network automation tool used by large cloud companies like Spotify or Fastly, or traditional corporations like UBS bank.

What will you get:

  • Over 20 hours of video lectures
  • A dozen sample solutions, some of them with detailed explanations
  • Slack-based support forum already used by hundreds of networking professionals
  • Assuming you complete most of the assignments, you'll get a course completion certificate

What’s expected from you:

  • You have hands-on experience configuring networking devices
  • You are able to set up your own virtual lab running several virtual devices
  • You are fluent in English
  • You are willing to spend some extra time making contribution to course content

Contributing to the course

While progressing through the course you’ll be asked to solve numerous challenges with Ansible playbooks. We expect you to thoroughly describe and document at least one of those playbooks and allow us to use it as part of the course content.

We might not use every solution you submit, but if it’s a really good one and we do use it, you’ll get full credits – we’ll make sure everyone knows who the author is (including your name, picture, contact details, link to LinkedIn profile)… and who knows - we might be interested in doing a podcast or a webinar with you.

You’re also most welcome to be an active contributor in the Slack team and help other participants solving their challenges. Most of them are seasoned networking professionals and it can’t hurt to get to know them – after all, you might be looking for a job sometime in the future.

Who can apply?

You have to be an undergraduate or Master's degree student currently enrolled in a study program with an internationally-recognized university, and we have to receive your application before October 1st 2018.