ipSpace.net Digital Content Licensing Terms

All ipSpace.net digital products including ipSpace.net subscriptions or online courses are licensed for a single-user use. Each ipSpace.net account (or a single seat in a workgroup or team subscription) can be accessed by a single individual.

You can, however, treat any digital ipSpace.net product – including individual subscriptions or workgroup seats, but not online courses – like a book.

What does that mean?

A single ipSpace.net accpount may be used by any number of people, and the associated documents moved between any number of machines as long as there’s no possibility of it being used (or documents accessed, whether locally or online) at one location while it’s being used at another location, or on a computer network by more than one user concurrently.

What would be a “safe” way of accessing the subscription by multiple users?

You could, for example, set up a VDI virtual machine with access to ipSpace.net subscription, and ensure that the documents downloaded to that VM cannot be transferred to the VDI clients.

Can I pass my subscription to another user?

Absolutely, as long as you delete the local copies of all subscription-related documents.

You can also change the e-mail associated with your subscription account.

Can I make backup copies of the documents and videos?

Of course, yet again provided that there’s no possibility of them being accessed by more than one user concurrently.