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This update session of the NETCONF and YANG webinar describes the NETCONF protocol details and vendor implementations including:

  • Cisco IOS and Nexus OS;
  • Juniper Junos;
  • Brocade NOS.

About the Author

David GeeDavid Gee David Gee is a constantly evolving and passionate automation and event-driven-focused technologist, that enslaves programmable network devices and software. After spending years in classic network engineering (enterprise/ISP) where he designed ISP, large government and enterprise networks, opportunities to get involved in network automation presented themselves with forward thinking customers. In a previous career, David was an embedded 8/16 bit software developer and he revived and tweaked those industrial automation skills for use in the networking field.

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Target Audience

This webinar is targeted towards network and devops engineers who understand the fundamentals of network engineering, network design and operation using traditional toolsets. Knowledge of Python is not mandatory however some simple background reading on the basics would be beneficial.

Delivery Format

The NETCONF and YANG is an online technical presentation available as a set of downloadable videos that you can buy in our online store; we can also organize an on-site SDN, OpenFlow and NFV Workshop, which combines the topics of this presentation with in-depth discussion of other SDN and network automation topics that apply to your network.

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